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(geology) the erosion of soil as a consequence of sand and dust and loose rocks being removed by the wind

a contraction of economic activity resulting in a decline of prices

the act of letting the air out of something

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Deflation on non-food items remained unchanged at 2.
The IMF has said that central banks around the world are losing a deflation battle and that individual governments would have to support apex banks in their efforts to beat deflation.
CPI deflation in August stemmed mainly from volatile foods (VF) and administered prices (AP) in line with post-Eid price corrections.
In February 2015, Cyprus posted a deflation rate of 1.
3% increase reported in January 2016, the slide into deflation in the eurozone was a sharp reversal and its first drop since September, when it declined by 0.
We are still half way but we have created a situation that is no longer seen as deflation," Abe told a news conference.
Deflation can become a vicious cycle: As more people cling tightly to their cash, demand drops further, which causes more deflation, which causes more people to cling to their wallets .
The only significant example where deflation has occurred is Japan and there is a plethora of learned academic explanations for those who want to look.
Deflation is one of the problems that European economies are currently battling.
Analysts also said that factory deflation remains a big worry.
The sharp decline in oil prices pushed the Eurozone into deflation in December 2014 and resulted in a significant slowdown in inflation in Japan, the UK and the US.
Now, the reality of global deflation is upon us," QNB noted.
The New Zealand economy may be heading into a deflation for the first time since more than 10 years.
At this point, a brief explanation of the difference between disinflation and deflation would be useful for those who want to perceive the prospects ahead:
Trouble with oil prices The euro region looks to be most at risk of sliding into deflation early next year.