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brought low in spirit

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The build-up to Super Bowl Sunday, already a theater of the absurd, is going to set a new standard for silliness as people in costumes exhaust every conceivable double entendre related to deflated footballs.
The court heard it had not been deflated when Mr Cooke was in the process of using cutters to burn off the centre bolts which held the two split rims together.
In comparing the counts-based approach and the deflated-balances approach, we would argue that it is more plausible that the quantity of bank services is proportional to the number of loans and deposit transactions than to the deflated balance of loans and deposit accounts.
If you have an extra tarp you may also want to cover the deflated inflatable.
Our general approach can be used to define deflated versions of any Krylov space solver.
art Uncut inflated a 20ft balloon emblazoned with the message "U Pay Ur tax 2" - and 10 guards wrestled them to the ground and deflated the balloon.
The Pillow Tie is available in more than 60 designs and looks just like a normal tie when deflated and worn with a suit.
Summary: Berlin, June 07, 2010, SPA -- The airline industry sought to banish two years of misery with an abrupt turnaround in forecasts today, but a plunging euro, scared markets and a shock new German tax proposal deflated the celebration, according to Reuters.
A 22-year-old woman and a 19-year-old man were arrested by officers at Pensarn near Abergele after the vehicle was stopped when a stinger device deflated all its tyres.
We got back into the game after their first goal deflated us but we were still celebrating when they scored again and we must learn from that.
The gifts still leave each child with a minority interest in Deflated Inc.
So it would be easy to see an allegory in "The Inflated Deflated," for which British artist Jonathan Monk took a pin to this pumped-up, mirror-finish homage to the 1980s, reproducing it in a set of flaccid simulacra.
Mowbray admitted that the team were deflated after the game but feels that there is still a lot to play for as his side prepare for back-to-back home games against Bolton and Stoke.
If you forget to re-inflate--and operate your FMTV with deflated air springs--you could damage the air springs and other air bag components.
WEBSTER - An erratic driver who allegedly failed to stop for police in neighboring Douglas last night was halted by a set of spike strips that deflated his tires on Route 16 near Sutton Road.