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brought low in spirit

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"The snow globe was deflated each time kids went in, parents were saying it was dangerous.
"I feel deflated," said Coleman, whose side dropped points for the first time at home in 2018 following nine straight wins at the Wham Stadium.
In some vehicles, the youths deflated all the tyres, while in long distance trucks, only the two front wheels were drained of pressure.
The traffic police station acknowledged that his men had deflated the car tyres.
WRECKED The aircraft's hull was ripped open and it automatically deflated
A deflated left-front tyre puts the greatest strain on a car's handling because in Britain we have clockwise roundabouts.
A spokesman for DreamWorks Lights said: "Due to a wind speed warning, Shrek has been deflated for the time being.
And that shouldn't leave anyone in the media world feeling deflated.
For the balls to be deflated, that doesn't happen unless the quarterback wants that to happen.
The Patriots stand accused of playing with deflated footballs, and if you didn't know better, you'd forget there's a big game happening in the middle of the controversy.
If there were, in fact, any deflated footballs, New England ran those balls for a net 177 yards to just 83 for the Colts.
Deflated, it folds up small so could easily be popped into your luggage for relaxing holidays too.
HONG KONG -- The giant inflatable rubber duck which has attracted tens of thousands of visitors since it sailed into Hong Kong two weeks ago was reduced to a sad deflated disc Wednesday in the city's harbor.
Chelsea boss Roberto Di Matteo admitted he was "deflated'' after seeing his side's two-goal lead slip away.