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burn with great heat and intense light

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The UN Truce Supervisory Organization, or UNTSO, was billed from its inception as a means of defusing a volatile situation that had the potential of deflagrating into an armed clash between the superpowers of the day.
Chemically, it is a 'high' or 'detonating' explosive, as opposed to a 'low' or 'deflagrating' explosive.
It is called Pyrodex, a term created by shortening "pyrotechnic deflagrating explosive." (You gotta believe that the guy who came up with that name was an explosives nerd).
(The reaction speed of the deflagrating material is less than the speed of sound.) In high-order explosives, decomposition occurs at the speed of detonation, creating a supersonic shock wave that causes a virtually instantaneous buildup of heat and gases.