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In the major premise of Syllogism III, for instance, the middle term absence of bile and the major longevity (which here stands for Q-longevity) are definitionally connected, whereas the connection between absence of bile and quadrupeds requires further premises in order to be fully understood.
Even if Vega isn't a knockout blow, it'll definitionally compete better than the current complete lack of any competition whatsoever.
While post-structuralism and neoliberalism are obviously not equivalent, functionally or definitionally, there are nevertheless significant parallels in how their respective impact on left-wing politics has been perceived.
Nevertheless, the boundaries of permissible market activity tend to raise particularly difficult questions, not just definitionally, but also for law.
Indeed, throughout Ulysses, the "self" appears as a remarkably quirky idea--intuitively obvious but definitionally elusive.
The second is in body and definitionally, when the animal subject is cut up and abstracted from its corporeal wholeness.
To say that the Liberator is definitionally a tool of freedom or subversion--a banana peel under the jackboots--requires an obstructed view of the system in which it will operate.
Fashion has never pretended to favor the average woman's body--everything, definitionally, is designed for a lean and elongated form.
For if there is no aboutness, nothing can be modified and, second, even if aboutness is present, as for instance in applied calculus, it is definitionally determined by units of measurement rather than by the phenomenal world and so impervious to modification by voice.
But there's an important principle to remember: Prohibitions also create their own emotional outrages, while definitionally restricting individual latitude.
From the figure-soul analogy we may infer that the nutritive soul is in the perceptive soul potentially in the same way that the triangle is potentially in the quadrilateral, that is, insofar as it can be logically or definitionally singled out within the perceptive soul.
"I've always worried, always wondered," he says, "if a poem is not definitionally incapable of realizing the impulse out of which it arises, if there is not a principle of failure built into the practice." Mind that difference between worry and wonder--the poetry's between them.
Even some longstanding deductions that we now regard as serving primarily non-revenue-raising goals at one time may have been considered relatively value neutral or definitionally essential in computing net income.
The use of only categories that are better separated definitionally was successful in reducing the noise in the soil scientists' mental model outcomes.