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Chief Judge Hornby recognized the statute is ambiguous in such a case, and does not provide direction definitionally.
A taxpayer that follows that rule therefore definitionally is clearly reflecting income.
The alternative measure shown in chart 1 is definitionally consistent with the NIPA measure; it excludes consumer durables and government-employee insurance and pensions, which are included in NIPA government saving.
It is widely argued that, without being definitionally part of political democracy, social justice issues have profoundly affected the fate of "new" democracies (and older ones) in practice - or, as some analysts have put it, the "quality of democracy.
Pain is intrinsically private; any pain one feels is, definitionally, one's own.
There, what the traditional bourgeois public sphere casts as private and secret--for example, the processes of non-traditional literacy production, gender/race/sexuality articulation, and the sex work that funds both of the former--gets staged in a way that would otherwise be definitionally obscene (Negt and Kluge 12-18).
Part II, in turn, describes a "professional," both definitionally and historically with regard to the law.
While there is "no single kind of 'other' of what a nation is to which all [instances of nationalism] can by the same structuration be definitionally opposed," (93) many take the view that nationalism necessarily requires conceiving of the Other as an enemy.
Noting the fact that the New Jersey statute does not definitionally "include any major element or factor that plausibly makes a murder a capital offense,"(179) Judge Handler laid a foundation for reaching the conclusion that the statute as written could not be applied evenhandedly.
The nearly 20 percent decline in Amtrak's constant-dollar passenger revenues over the 1990s can be explained by its trends in average fare and ridership since passenger miles times average yield definitionally equals passenger revenues.
Thus, Lacan's terms operate mathematically rather than definitionally or categorically, as functions that allow certain analytic interventions to punctuate the progress of a discourse.
Definitionally, 'Islamism' does not connote a unitary phenomenon.
Charter schools and their like are definitionally antithetical to this American promise.
It was generally agreed that the term globalization, though suffering from over-use and definitionally slippery, has emerged as the defining historical phenomenon of our times, transforming structures, conditioning outcomes, and carrying significant implications for Canadian policies and interests.
After more than 20 years of behavioral research into stimulus equivalence and similar derived stimulus relations, these phenomena are only recently being examined theoretically, not just procedurally and definitionally.