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As pointed out above, the relation between ordinary and definitional sentences, while logically clear, raises some significant ontological questions that I did not find answered.
and Canadian bilateral current-account statistics, the official statistics are first restated to a common basis--that is, they are adjusted for definitional and methodological differences--and then statistical adjustments are applied to reach the reconciled values.
Socrates does not declare an allegiance to any of the definitional principles to be discussed in the book, so the treatment of them cannot be an account of methodological views that Socrates consciously holds.
For franchisors who did not need to comply with the Franchise Rule because they avoided the rule's "required payment" definitional element by collecting a payment of less than $500, the proposed Bus Opp Rule now will cover these transactions, and these franchisors must, therefore, comply with the Bus Opp Rule.
The first four chapters provide an in-depth overview of definitional and theoretical models of neglect.
Beginning in 2005, we'll try to remedy this definitional shortcoming and make the journal more of a true forum by teeing up topics in a way that generates a multiplicity of experiences and perspectives.
Again, because little literature exists on this construct, the questions attempted to access definitional clarity while also reaching into other areas of advocacy (e.
In this comprehensive reference book, the author describes conceptual, definitional, and psychometric issues important in evaluating and comparing various assessment instruments and then focuses on available instruments that can be used for screening purposes or as adjuncts in detecting, describing, or estimating the risk of suicidal behavior.
A definitional gap occurs when one encounters an unfamiliar word.
The NAICS conversion involves major definitional changes to many of the currently published SIC-based indexes.
Apparent discrepancies between statistics from the two programs can usually be accounted for by their definitional and procedural differences or resolved by comparing NCVS sampling variations (confidence intervals) of those crimes said to have been reported to police with UCR statistics.
2) In a comprehensive revision, BEA makes three major types of improvements: definitional and classificational changes that more accurately portray the U.
While it is true that Kirk's book "named" conservatism in America--and in doing so, incited definitional controversies which remain with us to this day--it is also clear that Kirk's work relates to the partisanship of its time, and ours, in a most eccentric way.
We are using three definitional descriptors that, when combined, express our unique added value: the promotion of positive youth assets (not in a marketing sense--I mean working with strengths not deficits), an intact community, and experiential education.