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Crivelli links ordinary and definitional sentences to an account of not-being that is grounded in difference (Chapter Five).
So even if we could solve the definitional and taxonomical challenges, asset owners face substantial practical barriers such as -access, costs, derivatives, leverage, and shorting.
For both years, the largest downward adjustments to Canadian southbound transactions result from definitional adjustments to eliminate withholding taxes from unilateral current transfers; from definitional adjustments to unaffiliated services, mainly financial services; and from statistical adjustments to affiliated services.
The Obama Administration has stated that this definitional standard is based upon the authority provided by the AUMF, as informed by the laws of war.
Dancy goes on to suggest that Socrates' failure to announce any metaphysical views in the definitional dialogues provides a reason for thinking that he has no such views.
The final challenge is Socrates' use of the "method of hypothesis" instead of definitional inquiry to understand virtue.
The 'institutional' explanation for such a marked difference in the quantity of definitional and normative notions has to do with the legal systems that predominate in the regions, either the Anglo-Saxon common law tradition, or the continental European civil law system.
3) These definitional activities serve to confer not only cognitive meanings upon things and practices, but, being socially grounded and reflecting an implicit social consensus, also the situational legitimacy necessary for tree market exchange.
For franchisors who did not need to comply with the Franchise Rule because they avoided the rule's "required payment" definitional element by collecting a payment of less than $500, the proposed Bus Opp Rule now will cover these transactions, and these franchisors must, therefore, comply with the Bus Opp Rule.
Given the fact that each of the consolidating corporations or amalgamating corporations continues in the resulting corporation, there was a Concern that the transferee corporation would not be considered to have ceased its separate legal existence, and consequently the transaction would not adhere to the strict definitional requirements.
I am sure these definitional issues will run their course but for once I don't think they are as important as the actual spirit which is there now which is to say there is not something which can justify that (terrorism) and that is why I feel myself that the most important statement in the whole code is the statement 'terrorism can never be justified'.
While the EU issued the directives in 2003, there are still definitional aspects that have to be finalized and must be translated by a number of member nations into law, creating confusion and ambiguity.
Definitional Ceremonies are used as a forum for integrating members of diverse cultures into multicultural counseling sessions.
Part of the reason why we don't use the word culture and [instead] call the behaviors 'traditions' is to sidestep the whole definitional argument and focus attention on the phenomena themselves--on their biological significance," Manson explains.
In this comprehensive reference book, the author describes conceptual, definitional, and psychometric issues important in evaluating and comparing various assessment instruments and then focuses on available instruments that can be used for screening purposes or as adjuncts in detecting, describing, or estimating the risk of suicidal behavior.