definite integral

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the integral of a function over a definite interval

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In this paper, a novel algorithm based on Harmony search and Chaos for calculating the numerical value of definite integrals is presented.
There are several rules for the approximate evaluation of real definite integral
There are four chapters: The Nature of the Infinite Process, The Definite Integral, Differential and Integral Calculus, and Applications to Problems of Motion.
45) that need to be computed; each term consists of one definite integral.
A definite integral whose limits are the beginning and end of the production period relate the value of labor inputs and time to the value of output.
The topics include integration using trigonometric identities, integration by parts, the fundamental theorems of calculus, applying the definite integral to compute the area of a plane figure, and methods of solving ordinary differential equations of the first order and of the first degree.
to the two sides of (1) and definite integral from--1 to 1.