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Synonyms for definite

Synonyms for definite

having distinct limits

known positively

Antonyms for definite

known for certain

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With restriction to definite MS cases, rotating night-shift work history of 20+ years was significantly associated with MS risk in NHSII (20+ years: HR, 2.62; 95 percent CI, 1.06 to 6.46).
He also told the court that the Deputy commissioner of police, Abba Kyari, who led the investigation, had pleaded with him to urge the court to vacate the order of definite hearing earlier fixed for Monday since the witnesses could not make it on time.
He said that if they do not submit definite replies byMonday, he would give a decision as per the available evidence.
The 74 blocks, Amin added, have a definite commitment of more than US$400 million.
They scored drugs according to their anticholinergic activity using the Anticholinergic Cognitive Burden (ACB) scale: A score of 1 was classified as possibly anti-cholinergic, while a score of 2 or 3 was classified as having "definite" anti-cholinergic activity.
The analysis found that 14 million adults, or almost 7%, in the population had severe dyslipidemia (LDL cholesterol of at least 190 mg/dL), and that 1 million of these adults, 7.2%, had definite or probable FH.
More generally, the number of principal minors that must be checked is reduced when a definite principal submatrix can be identified.
There is a definite requirement that all potential parties and religious parties agree on Charter of Economy and treat it as National agenda like Charter of Democracy signed between the PML-N and the PPP.
settled at the and with the already signed a definite of going back up.
If Slowmotion is to achieve such a feat, she will have to lower the colours of last year's winner Definite Ruby, who is back to defend her crown off just a 4lb higher mark.
We introduce the notion of Dunkl positive definite and strictly positive definite functions on [R.sup.d].
Since we, in this paper, deal with the improving of the algorithm to determine whether a quadratic eigenvalue problem is definite or not, let us briefly summarize what has been done so far in the literature up to this point.
The study found that one in five definite or probable cases of congenital Zika virus syndrome had a head circumference within the range of normal, and in one third of definite or probable cases, the mother had no history of a rash during pregnancy.