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any process serving to define the shape of something


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When done thoughtfully, such strategies are neither easy nor necessarily reductive and they reenact some of the critical processes that "create" movements in the first place (organizing, comparing, synthesizing, defining, and so on).
A central problem, never overcome, is that Van DeBurg insists on defining many "villains" as "social bandits." That term, in the original formulation by Eric Hobsbawm, referred to a type best exemplified in the Anglo tradition by Robin Hood.
All the military services agreed to collaborate with the Air Force in defining a common backbone infrastructure to ensure interoperability.
Interestingly, confusion defining a pain management standard of care has attorneys wondering whether claims against physicians for the under-treatment of chronic pain should arise in the new theories of elder abuse statutes or should simply be an extension of the more traditional medical malpractice negligence suits.
The wide metal ribbon slides and writhes sideways, east to west, in flattened coils starting with the garage, then defining a partly covered outside platform, thereafter soaring up to make a double-height gallery, descending to kiss a pool and finally returning to the ground to define the bedroom.
The classic "97-pound weakling" might become significantly stronger but, when defining success for him, the strength gains must be measured against his own previous lifting abilities.
Defining metabolite profiles in blood and urine samples has been used to classify the status and progression of metabolic disorders, diabetes, and neurodegenerative, renal, and cardiovascular diseases.
There is a growing trend that employees are defining utility not by company or division or departmental standards, but by what helps them get work done today!
Defining clothing as "all that is worn," Jones and Stallybrass argue that it incorporates an essential intellectual tension in this era: between clothing as representative of identity beyond the individual wearer (livery), to clothing as a marker of individual identity, subject to change.
Improved methods hold the promise of better defining which bacteria are present, distinguishing how much the biota varies from person to person, and measuring how well persons respond to probiotics and prebiotics.
This article examines recent cases defining wages and their corresponding effect on withholding and employment tax obligations and on retirement benefits.
This article looks at one approach to "planning ahead." The strategies are developed in a three-step process, starting with defining a given firm's "core business," then identifying complementary opportunities that strengthen the core, and finally a scenario planning exercise.
With the large variety of document types and their global, multiple-access requirements, defining the correct records lifecycle can be challenging.
A storage-management solution must provide a high-level abstraction for defining automation.