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any process serving to define the shape of something


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When done thoughtfully, such strategies are neither easy nor necessarily reductive and they reenact some of the critical processes that "create" movements in the first place (organizing, comparing, synthesizing, defining, and so on).
As an example of defining a measurand consider the "diameter" of a bore.
Defining a target market and determining a marketing strategy to reach people who will react positively to your product are better tactics.
Defining features: Scar on left ear, tattoos on both arms.
The statute is explicit that only a "qualified taxpayer" may claim the credit,(13) but does a poor job in defining that term.
Wisely, most manufacturers and agents see their contracts with each other as a means of defining a productive relationship, rather than as a shield of protection.
The SDR Forum's System Interface Working Group (SIWG) is also looking at DigitalIF; with a goal of defining the requirements for a common set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that can later be standardized.
It was a social query that attempted to explore and address an important nursing home issue, that of defining the nursing home care recipient in a consensual manner.
While the proposed regulations do not offer a great deal of assistance in defining active participation in nonfarm entities, many S corporations have children, inactive spouses and other nonactive individuals who own more than 35% of stock.
An active leader in the JEDEC standards organization, Inphi(R) Corporation not only assisted in defining the latest DDR2 specification, but aggressively designed and delivered the world's first parts meeting the specification's latest speed grade, DDR2-800, a magnitude of performance improvement over previously defined standards.