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Synonyms for define

Synonyms for define

determine the essential quality of

give a definition for the meaning of a word

determine the nature of

show the form or outline of


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decide upon or fix definitely

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For men define the term 'above' as the contrary of 'below', when it is the region at the centre they mean by 'below'; and this is so, because nothing is farther from the extremities of the universe than the region at the centre.
The latter does not call for adjustment of values based on IRS audit results or court decisions, but simply defines a gift via formula (e.g., the gift is expressed as $x of the value of an interest to one beneficiary, with the remainder of the value to a charity).
For example, the Act provides for 92 percent target funding for 2008, but this cannot be determined until Treasury defines the discount rate required for the calculation.
The UAA, in section 3, defines substantial equivalency as a determination by a board of accountancy or its designee "that the education, examination and experience requirements contained in the statutes and administrative rules of another jurisdiction are comparable to or exceed the education, examination and experience requirements contained in the Uniform Accountancy Act or that an individual CPA's education, examination and experience qualifications are comparable to or exceed the education, examination and experience requirements contained in the Uniform Accountancy Act."
The second group of responses defines research as a multi-step process involving topic identification, hypothesis formation, analyses and explanations, even though not every response explicitly identifies each of these steps.
SAE Standard AS9100B defines a key characteristic as "the features of a material or part whose variation has a significant influence on product fit, performance, service life, or manufacturability." There is still not a consistent use of the terms key and critical, so it is important that a manager know what specific definition is being used.
The IRC also defines a personal service corporation as one that has the performance of personal services as defined in IRC Sec.
This article defines SLAs, discusses software quality, and describes how SLAs can be utilized to incorporate requirements pertaining to product, process, project, and deployment quality throughout the software lifecycle.
PacketCable is a CableLabs-led initiative that defines a common platform to deliver advanced, real-time communication services such as voice over Internet Protocol.
SMI-S defines profiles for both physical and logical entities.
The notion that clothing defines and reifies societal relationships, whether political, economic, social, religious, or cultural, is antithetical to modern ideas about clothing as ephemeral and subject to changing taste.
A clear appropriate charter that defines the boundaries, constraints, deliverables and direction is imperative.
As a user defines a surface, the software automatically generates surface geometry and establishes associative relationships.
* The Bill erroneously or inadequately defines or completely fails to define several key terms.