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Synonyms for define

Synonyms for define

determine the essential quality of

give a definition for the meaning of a word

determine the nature of

show the form or outline of


Related Words

decide upon or fix definitely

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Woodstock, GA - Fro Butter, an online store dedicated to natural product is proud to announce their newest addition called "Puddin' Cup - Curl Definer".
Trace directly under your brow with the definer shade to sharpen the line and use the highlighter under the arch for a more sculpted look.
Groom brows with New Brow definer for intense application
New Star Environmental's Definer 220 allows users to verify gas flow rates, in the field or in the lab, to an accuracy of [+ or -]-1% percent of reading, including temperature and pressure compensation.
Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Precious Gold, $6, drugstores
Splash out : To achieve bold looks that won't splash off in the pool, Aston suggests: "Line, define and accentuate the lash line using a product like The Body Shop's water resistant Metallic Eye Definer," suggests Aston.
They also put forward the question "What is 'mental health' anyway?" to which a student of general semantics might answer, "It depends on the definer, the society, and the era the person is living in."
The Mar/Apr 2010 JPM feature "Conventional Wisdom" on page 46, inaccurately named Michael Hunt as the definer of the term, Naturally Occurring Retirement Communites (NORCs).
Rating 3/5 * The Body Shop Brow Definer in Brown, pounds 7.50 ( PRETTY straight-forward this one, a traditional eyebrow pencil.
The Definer is a versatile, ultra-sanitary, mill with the processing capabilities of several mills in one.
Nine of the new items in the collection are eye makeup, including Lash Intense mascara, a product that uses a unique brush and definer to separate and define lashes in a single step; MegaEyes cream eyeliner, a blendable cream liner that can double as an eye shadow; the Ultimate brow kit, an all-in-one brow kit that includes two shades of brow powder, setting wax, a slanted brush and mini tweezers; and Ultimate Minerals eye shadow, a loose-powder mineral shadow that is said to be ideal for sensitive skin and eyes.
The answer lies not in making the bottom line the ultimate definer, but rather in ensuring that a specialty meet some real criteria of expertise that is not available in another specialty (for example, geriatrician or internist).
Buy: A version thatOs the colour of your natural lips (3) I try Virgin Vie Lip Definer in Birthday Suit, pounds 9.
The author is a tireless definer and theorist of the relationships between labor, work, and thinking.
If the glass isn't there, there is only the frame, the structure as definer. Mies was trying to establish a continuum of space between interior and exterior that confounds the presence of glass.