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Synonyms for define

Synonyms for define

determine the essential quality of

give a definition for the meaning of a word

determine the nature of

show the form or outline of


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decide upon or fix definitely

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For men define the term 'above' as the contrary of 'below', when it is the region at the centre they mean by 'below'; and this is so, because nothing is farther from the extremities of the universe than the region at the centre.
In this first of a three-part series to address the need to capture the expertise of the existing workforce and develop the next generation of program leaders, I will discuss the business case for doing so, define project and program management, and explore the concept of competencies (i.e., the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for successful performance in the job).
Although several reports have indicated that exogenous reinfection may occur after successful treatment, the proportion of TB cases that are actually caused by exogenous reinfection may vary dramatically for several reasons, such as the patients' HIV infection status, different facilities, and healthcare providers' various definitions (some used different numbers of days elapsed between the first and second episode to define a recurrent case of TB), and particularly the small sample size (2).
Healthcare professionals who are working to provide and improve care and services for older adults living in nursing facilities are abuzz with talk of "culture change." While these stakeholders want change, no consensus has emerged on how to define and advance culture change in these facilities.
Articulate your firm's mission briefly (in no more than five sentences) and define the issues you consider critical to success.
Understanding and measuring this type of response can provide insight into a material's stress-strain properties in applications and how it can affect the test results used to define its sealing capability, using the different test methods and specifications.
For instance, some will use descriptors of the surroundings such as urban or rural, or trees, water, and mountains to define camp.
Descriptive qualitative research seeks out how people define the "variable." This is a flip of quantitative methodology which sets pre-defined variables to be measured on participants.
Certainly it is not tested: proof would require extensive comparison with how Danes, say, or Sri Lankans, define "virtue" but there is little room for this or indeed much that is included already.
First of all, there's confusion about the word "innovation" itself, so you have to define what kind of innovation you're talking about--product, business model or business process.
The SOA also solves the unique, and in some cases proprietary, interfaces by using currently accepted open standards to define interfaces.
In the nation's capitol, activists led by Mitch Snyder and the Center for Creative Non-Violence worked to define homeless people as normal human beings who were victims of economic exploitation and entitled to shelter in fulfillment of basic social justice.
As such, a typical state statute concerning elder abuse and neglect may define these terms in two main ways.
The wide metal ribbon slides and writhes sideways, east to west, in flattened coils starting with the garage, then defining a partly covered outside platform, thereafter soaring up to make a double-height gallery, descending to kiss a pool and finally returning to the ground to define the bedroom.
These were the topics discussed in Panel 3, which focused on ways to define, monitor, and treat to current salvage population and the how the salvage population will prevail over time.