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Synonyms for defile

Synonyms for defile

to make physically impure

to make morally impure

to spoil or mar the sanctity of

to deprive of virginity

Synonyms for defile

a narrow pass (especially one between mountains)


place under suspicion or cast doubt upon

make dirty or spotty, as by exposure to air

spot, stain, or pollute

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Did we expect to see Bourbon Street back-alley dope defilers organizing to distribute bottled water and emergency rations to stranded elderly residents?
Before this I had picked up on a greylag with a red neck collar, bearing the letters "ALN" - a reminder that not all our greylags are feral park defilers. This bird was trapped and "collared" in Iceland I think.
But this important venue in Tyneside should not be given over totally to artistic defilers and creative tree dwellers.
"Preachers are not politicians or economists, but we have to call people to consciousness," Elizondo said, just as Jesus "struck a nerve" when he chased the defilers from the temple.
Though often delegirimized by their more powerful opponents, and subsequently "hidden" from history, "country folk" were not ignorant defilers of Nature who indiscriminately killed animals and cleared forests without a thought for the future.
Most disappointing of all, though, is a serious paucity of clips of the movies, with only short bits of such titles as "Blood Feast," "The Defilers" and "The Pick-Up" shown to any effect.