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Synonyms for defiled

Synonyms for defiled

morally blemished


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First, it must come to terms with the civil purification dramas by means of which the civil sphere and the defiled market orders are kept separate.
The defiled are washed clean by the blood of the Undefiled.
Defiled Trades is about surprisingly wide-ranging and deeply-rooted ideas and practices concerning dishonorability and about its social and political foundations and cultural meanings.
Why are these two sections further "sub-sandwiched" between the short interdiction of defiled people remaining in the camp and the priestly blessing?
9) The initial decree was that the torah scrolls defiled one's hands; thus, a person could not directly touch sacred scrolls and then sacred food.
She would not have been able to share food, companionship, or even a simple wooden bench with another human being because everything she touched became defiled.
He was defiled, spat upon, and burned because of our destestation for overstepping oneself.
The accused asked his children to go outside and shut the door at the girl; he then defiled her through penetration.
The minor was headed to church when the chief lured her into his house where he repeatedly defiled her.
By NATION REPORTERPolice in Gatundu are holding their colleague suspected to have defiled a minor inside police cells at 5am Saturday.
Therefore, it is correct to say that we are defiled by what comes out of us rather than by what we put into ourselves.
NO parent should ever have to endure the details of how their little girl was raped, defiled and threatened with death.
THE first ever Jgermeister UK Music Tour reaches its climax in Birmingham next Saturday when UK rockers Sylosis, Exit Ten, The Defiled and local heroes Gundogs take to the stage at the Birmingham Academy 2.
A BILLINGHAM man was due to hear allegations in court today that his disabled sister was defiled by yobs as she lay dying outside her home.
US PRESIDENT George Bush last night condemned the hotel bombings in Jordan, saying the attackers defiled Islam and the United States would help bring those responsible to justice.