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Synonyms for defiled

Synonyms for defiled

morally blemished


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SHOCKED: Parademic Mark Lakinski, above, and his sister Christine, right, whose body was defiled after she collapsed and died on the front doorstep of her Hartlepool home Picture above by IAN COOPER; STUNNED: Mark outside his sister's Home
The defiled are expelled, the suspected fallen woman is uncovered, the community forsakes wine and sensual pleasure as exemplified by the Nazir and then is prepared for the blessing.
From the Talmud, however, it is clear that this decree was limited to certain types of sacred texts: not all sacred texts defiled the hands.
He said that the police took the victim to the hospital and the medical report revealed that she was defiled.
We've been good friends with the Exit Ten guys for years and have recently hung out with some of The Defiled guys at the odd festival so look forward to hanging with both bands and playing some awesome venues again!" The AvD, from The Defiled, is also looking forward to a lively night in the city.
Not content with killing Lily Smyth you defiled her body
Clearly the mutant child of the Venice house, the place, now demolished, was defiled in a really peculiar way: piles of garbage in a yard overgrown with thigh-high weeds, a "sculpture" of neatly arranged junk-food boxes in the kitchen, Richard's joke paintings leaning here and there in the house and in the yard.
Njagagua said teachers who defiled pupils were worse than animals and asked: Does an animal defile its child?'
Commission for Human Rights and Justice (CHRJ) which is a party in the case has written a letter to Ipoa requesting to probe parties in the case, arguing that some quarters are hell-bent on circumventing the cause of justice.Those the human rights group want investigated include the officer investigating the case, a children officer and a teacher from the learning institution where the minors alleged to have been defiled by the billionaire schooled.
Migori police are holding a suspect who allegedly defiled an eight-year-old girl on Saturday.
A five-year-old girl who was reported missing in Narok East Sub-County on Tuesday has been found murdered.The child was defiled, strangled to death and her body dumped in a nearby thicket in Oloombokishi village, Melili Location, police said.
Emuerhi alleged Yoroh lured a 14-year-old girl to a hotel and unlawfully defiled her by forcefully having sexual intercourse with her.
A 32-year-old bhang addict who strangled and defiled a minor has been jailed for 15 years.
The court heard that Doyo Said alias "Akram" defiled a five-year-old girl at their home on November 17, 2017.
A Yaba Chief Magistrates' Court in Lagos on Thursday remanded two drivers who allegedly stole two children and defiled another.