deficiency disease

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any disease caused by a lack of an essential nutrient (as a vitamin or mineral)

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Supplements are of proven benefit for treating nutritional deficiency diseases Supplements are of proven benefit for treating nutritional deficiency diseases Rob Hobson and Dr Sarah Brewer Rob Hobson and Dr Sarah Brewer | DOES EVERYBODY "NEED" TO TAKE SUPPLEMENTS?
DURING THE GREAT DEPRESSION, Newfoundland was a veritable laboratory for the study of nutritional deficiency diseases such as beriberi.
The lower levels of serum B12 are likely to coincide with clinical deficiency disease.
Twenty people who took part have since been chosen as a match and can now donate blood stem cells or bone marrow to help someone suffering from blood or bone marrow cancer or a severe immune deficiency disease.
The center expects that these findings will shed light on the research of various infections, immune deficiency disease, and autoimmune disease.
Cancer is a deficiency disease caused by deficiency and toxicity and that when the body's immune system is impaired or stressed or strained in any way, that's when the trouble can start.
Ill health affected Jean's chances of success at school as she suffered scarlet fever and myxoedema, a thyroid deficiency disease.
She was a victim of Adenosine Deamimse Deficiency disease, which affects only a handful of people in the world.
The protein deficiency disease kwashiorkor was observed in Iraq "for the first time," the document adds.
Kwashiorkor, a protein deficiency disease, was observed in Iraq for the first time, according to the document, which added, "Gastroenteritis was killing children .
There is no specific deficiency disease associated with zinc.
This cell damage can lead to cancer, heart disease, immune deficiency disease, memory loss, and aging.
After several medical evaluations, physicians discovered Lawrence had an immune deficiency disease called Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II deficiency.
Although we don't know for certain what each and every individual needs, we do know that if you consume nutrients at the level of their RDAs, your risk of developing a dietary deficiency disease is only 2 percent or less.