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stop the fibrillation and restore normal contractions, usually by means of electric shocks

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However, the challenge is to ensure high sensitivity and specificity, especially during precordial compression, in order to identify the ideal moment to deliver the defibrillatory shock.
These results confirm that AMSA represents an excellent predictor of success of an electrical shock attempt, independently from the defibrillatory energies and waveforms utilised.
The delivery of a defibrillatory shock in a biphasic waveform, which requires less energy than other AEDs to achieve comparable defibrillation efficacy, which enables the ForeRunner to be smaller, lighter, less costly, and more reliable.
We recorded the Utstein-based response intervals for time of collapse; time of arrival of CPR team or bystander with AED; and time of first defibrillatory shock (the primary outcome).