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abatement of a fever as indicated by a reduction in body temperature

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Patil et al., "Association between proinflammatory cytokines and lipid peroxidation in patients with severe dengue disease around defervescence," International Journal of Infectious Diseases, vol.
(3) She initially responded with defervescence, improved heart function, liver enzymes nearly normalized and serum ferritin decreased nicely (Table 1).
Treatment with doxycycline (3) was started and there was a prompt defervescence of fever, with complete resolution of lymphadenitis and epididymo-orchitis, within 24 h.
Dengue NS-1 antigen can be found in patient's serum until the production of anti-NS-1 IgG or in some instances a few days after defervescence. The variable levels of NS-1 antigen in different phases of infection might be due to the immune-complex formation of NS1 antigen with anti-dengue IgG resulting in less sensitive dengue detection in acute- phase secondary infection as reported previously.21
Discharge criteria were considered as normalisation of hemodynamic status with defervescence of the presenting complaints.
Approximately 5% of persons with symptomatic infections can experience severe manifestations around the time of defervescence because of an increase in vascular permeability leading to plasma leakage and the potential for clinically significant pleural effusions and ascites, hypovolemic shock, severe hemorrhage (e.g., hematemesis and melena), and death.
of patient showing defervescence within 5 days and median time to defferevescence in hours).
(3,14) Treatment should be continued forn two to three days after defervescence to avoid relapse or potential recrudescent infections years to decades later.
Fever and other signs of dengue last for two to four days, followed by rapid drop in temperature (defervescence) with profuse sweating.
(1), (6) Usually, if there is no defervescence within 48 hours, or if there are signs of a line infection such as itching at the insertion site, erythema or discharge, vancomycin therapy should be initiated if renal function is adequate.
The tissue cultures had grown pansensitive Paeruginosa and coagulase-negative staphylococci, which were adequately covered by empiric treatment at the time of the otolaryngology consult and likely explain the patient's defervescence.
Another study showed that a Th-2 immune response occurs in patients with dengue around the time of defervescence (17) which again confirmed our in vivo and in vitro findings (6,7).
(36) Doxycycline is highly effective and a clinical response with symptom relief and fever defervescence can be expected within 48 hours.
The fever typically follows a "saddle-back" temperature course, peaking twice with a period of defervescence intervening.
During defervescence, thermoregulatory responses to elevated body temperature such as cutaneous vasodilation to transfer heat from the core to the periphery and evaporative heat loss via sweating or panting (Boulant, 1997) induce body water losses, inducing dehydration (Morimoto & Itoh, 1998).