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abatement of a fever as indicated by a reduction in body temperature

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In our study, mean (SD) time taken for defervescence of fever to ceftriaxone alone was 3.
Treatment with doxycycline (3) was started and there was a prompt defervescence of fever, with complete resolution of lymphadenitis and epididymo-orchitis, within 24 h.
The fever typically follows a "saddle-back" temperature course, peaking twice with a period of defervescence intervening.
During defervescence, thermoregulatory responses to elevated body temperature such as cutaneous vasodilation to transfer heat from the core to the periphery and evaporative heat loss via sweating or panting (Boulant, 1997) induce body water losses, inducing dehydration (Morimoto & Itoh, 1998).
Since patients with uncomplicated PID show a definite defervescence and a decrease in pelvic pain within 24-36 hours, these women need to be watched closely.
Studies comparing antibiotic and placebo use in the treatment of AOM have revealed that antibiotic use is associated with improved short term outcomes, defined as decreased duration of crying, less consumption of analgesic, quicker defervescence, shorter absence from school, and less treatment failure requiring further antibiotic therapy (Burke, Bain, Robinson, & Dunleavy, 1991; Rosenfeld et al.
Three distinctive phases occur during fever: the chill phase, the plateau phase, and defervescence (Holtzclaw, 1992).
It is, for example, not possible to track the usual course of lessened dyspnoea, defervescence, and decreased leucocytosis in a patient with pneumonia who presented with delirium, was afebrile, and had a normal leucocyte count.
147) There was no difference in time to defervescence, hospital stay, resolution of obstruction, or overall clinical improvement.
A change in antifungal treatment to intravenous amphotericin B led to defervescence and clearance of fungemia.
This is followed by a critical phase at around the time of defervescence starting from three to seven days of the illness during which there are increased capillary permeability and systemic vascular leak.