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Synonyms for deferral

the act of putting off or the condition of being put off

Synonyms for deferral

a state of abeyance or suspended business


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act of putting off to a future time

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Screening, however, can lead to temporary or permanent deferral of the potential donors, thus reducing the size of the donor pool.
Saudi studies about donor deferral rates, deferred donor characteristics and reasons for deferral are scarce.
Because he lived in a taxing jurisdiction that provided relief to seniors, Smith applied for and received a property tax deferral.
Most common causes for temporary deferral in donors were underweight (17.
A second safe harbor method applies where correct deferrals begin by the first payment of compensation following the last day of the three-month period beginning after a deferral failure.
Results: Temporary deferral was more common than permanent deferral.
The FDA's decision to take steps to recommend a change in the blood donation deferral for men who have had sex with men (MSM) from a lifetime deferral to a one-year deferral is consistent with the position of our organizations that the current lifetime deferral is unwarranted.
I'd love to be able to increase my deferral, but I'm already contributing more than I can afford
Donor deferral should neither be too restrictive nor too liberal as it is important to have adequate stock of blood and its components in the blood banks on one hand to have safety of both donors and recipients.
These rules include the subsequent deferral election rules, which could bring unpleasant surprises for employers and employees.
This may include the subsequent deferral election rules, which could bring unpleasant surprises for employers and employees.
If a plan violates the rules, income tax would be due immediately plus interest at the underpayment amount and 1 percent from the date of deferral.
Under the current rules, a salary deferral arrangement that includes a promise to pay that is actually paid in cash within three years is deductible by the employer when paid and taxable to the recipient when the payment is received.
The potential of this income-tax deferral is powerful and allows a modest nest egg to grow into a sizeable inheritance.