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Synonyms for deference

Synonyms for deference

great respect or high public esteem accorded as a right or as due

Synonyms for deference

a courteous expression (by word or deed) of esteem or regard

courteous regard for people's feelings

a disposition or tendency to yield to the will of others

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His deference to this particular branch of science had induced him to listen to the application of a medical man, whose thirst for natural history had led him to the desire of profiting by the migratory propensities of the squatter.
He further said that 'in deference to the long-standing desires of our Sikh brethren, we decided to open the Kartarpur corridor.
Expressing its dismay, the Pakistan Foreign Office reaffirmed 'that the initiative to open this corridor has been taken by the government of Pakistan solely in deference to the longstanding wishes of our Sikh brethren, and especially in the wake of the forthcoming 550th birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak Dev'.
The decision of the judge who issued the warrant receives "great deference".
The state judge did not exceed the bounds of "great deference" in drawing the same inference.
In the same ruling, the court ended its long-standing practice of deferring to state agencies' interpretations of statutes.<br />For decades, Wisconsin courts have shown varying degrees of deference to those interpretations.
As Christian Monsod, a member of the 1986 Constitutional Commission (also my husband), has noted, there are unmistakable 'signs of deference to the Executive by institutions precisely tasked to provide the checks on any abuse of power, like the Congress and the Supreme Court.'
Leila de Lima are all clear evidence of deference. That august body is supposed to be 'the last bastion of democracy' and the 'conscience of the nation,' to which the people go to get relief from an executive or legislative branch that has abused them.
Based on 1,558 agency interpretations the circuit courts reviewed from 2003 through 2013 (where they cited Chevron), we found that the circuit courts overall upheld 71% of interpretations and applied Chevron deference 77% of the time.
Based on prior empirical studies of judicial deference at the Supreme Court, however, our findings suggest that there may be a Chevron Supreme and a Chevron Regular: whereas Chevron may not have much of an effect on agency outcomes at the Supreme Court, Chevron deference seems to matter in the circuit courts.
Leandra Lederman's "Unappealing Deference to the U.S.
The matter boiled down to the core principle of judicial deference, he wrote: "It is altogether fair to argue that the assault weapons here should be less regulated, but that is for the people of Maryland (and the Virginias and the Carolinas) to decide."
Summary: New Delhi [India], June 16 (ANI): The Delhi High Court on Friday will continue hearing the plea filed by women's right lawyer Vrinda Grover seeking deference of trial and quashing of two orders of a trial court, which include directions to file a list of witnesses and evidences within one week in the civil defamation case filed by former Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) chief R.K.
The agency deference doctrine is a longstanding principle of administrative law that has guided courts in reviewing agency action over the past 30 years.
even the most anti-agency deference Justices readily defer to the Food