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excessive sensitivity to criticism

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Too many of us provoke defensiveness because we come and say, 'Boy, you really blew that back there,'" Grenny explains.
Pride may seem like the natural opposite of humility but I think defensiveness is just as worthy a contender.
For scientists to claim that such incidents are rare at this early point in the investigation (after all, locked-in syndrome has scarcely been discovered) strikes me as a mixture of defensiveness and wishful thinking," he wrote.
So she apparently recently took out her anger and defensiveness on US Rep.
Each staff member is trained in the "gold standard" service model across all interactions with advisors, with a mandate that there is no defensiveness in business and that all complaints are a gift -- "without them, we cannot get better.
Gottman identified many behaviors that undermine a relationship, but cited these four as the most damaging: criticism, defensiveness, contempt and stonewalling (refusing to discuss problems).
By listing their own deficiencies, people dial down their defensiveness.
In the same vein, police complaints have often been dealt with through a prism of institutional defensiveness, which exacerbates grievances and loses the police friends as surely as national scandals do.
What's required is a governor who is willing to invest as much of his time as it takes to change a culture of mistrust and defensiveness into one of openness, professionalism and accountability.
She describes the basics of coaching, what it is, why it matters and leads to change, and how it influences teachers' learning; strategies for collaborating with individuals and teams, communicating, the coaching conversation, and coaching with teams; and specific challenges, such as resistance in teachers, intimidation in groups, problems in goal development, coaches' anxieties and defensiveness, coaching for the Common Core State Standards and response to intervention, and enjoying the work and feeling successful.
We propose that affirming meaning prior to encountering attitudinally-dissimilar individuals should reduce defensiveness (e.
SEPTEMBER - The chairman speaks of a "rampant" culture of litigation defensiveness in healthcare.
Defensiveness is another trait which could foretell the end of a relationship.
Summary: A sign of Russia's defensiveness, bordering on paranoia, is that some senior Russian officials regard the recent buzz about shale gas and oil as American propaganda designed to undermine Moscow's clout as an energy producer.
FMCG remains the big draw for its defensiveness and strong underlying performance.