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Synonyms for defensively

in self-defence


Antonyms for defensively

in a defensive manner


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But, defensively, our team I think is very, very good.
Defensively, to get four clean sheets, they can be tricky games especially on the back of the run we've been on.
Mallory Moffett and Anna Seng did a great job defensively on their two best players, number 12 (Mandy Mien) and number 20 (Andrea Bracey)," said Huntley coach Steve Raethz.
However, defensively is sometimes where we lapse because we have enough offensive firepower to just beat people by outscoring them but locking in defensively makes it a lot easier.
It was about digging in as a team and controlling it defensively, and then with the calibre of players we have going forward, we have always got a chance.
BET of the week Bolton are defensively sound, and they are 18/5 with BetVictor to beat Peterborough to nil
He plays well defensively, but he also proved today that he can also score.
Once you are two-up at West Ham and you finish 3-3 you question the team defensively, " he said.
We scored a couple of nice goals and created some chances but defensively we were a big distance from where we normally are.
Skipper Mark Hudson will lead Town's quest to tighten up defensively |against Sheffield Wednesday in tomorrow's lunchtime kick-off
GRAFTON -- Third-ranked Northbridge dominated offensively and defensively in beating Grafton, 33-0, Friday night.
The Three Lions boss has always stuck with defensively solid players like James Milner and Ashley Cole.
We can't be too disappointed because we were poor defensively," he added.
He needs to concentrate a little bit more defensively and, if he does that, he's got everything.
That is probably the worst display defensively since I came to this football club.