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That said, their defensive structure still leaves plenty to be desired as they have conceded nine times in their last four league outings.
This group of players has to help the club, and they haven't done it by neglecting the game plan or defensive structure.
In the second half we were better with Mo Besic giving us a better defensive structure allowing us to press and stop Spurs have so much possession.
New walls, containing living quarters and offices, eventually enclosed the original defensive structure as it became a palace and administrative centre.
Beehive Bunker (2006) is a low-cost defensive structure to be occupied by one to three persons.
We showed a lot of character, organisation, our breakdown work was good, our defensive structure was positive and, above all, our players really worked hard.
A defensive military strategy was endorsed by the GCC leaders at their Kuwait summit in 2009 "as a significant step to build a common defensive structure for the GCC".
A better defensive structure allowed Lebanon to assert pressure.
We saw signs in the first two games of the culture and spirit we're trying to build and you could see signs of our discipline and defensive structure.
The second level defender is usually a linebacker and at times, a strong safety, depending on the defensive structure.
The first layer of this defensive structure will include Iron Dome, which R= afael is developing against Kassam and Katyusha rockets.
But the Baghdad embassy, rising even as the city fell around it, is a defensive structure, designed to isolate Americans from the chaos we created.
Grayson, although playing out of position, grew in confidence as the game developed, meaning that Munster had to discover more astute methods of breaking down Northampton's defensive structure.
The key will be building a defensive structure, especially away from home.