defensive attitude

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an attitude of defensiveness (especially in the phrase 'on the defensive')

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Volgograd: Despite being disappointed with the result of the match against England in the World Cup Group G clash, Tunisia coach Nabil Maaloul praised his men for the defensive attitude during the whole game.
A defensive attitude, which hampers their ability to engage with prospects--and close sales.
The defensive attitude of the FA officials who were called upon to give evidence was all too apparent.
Second, the public sector adopts a defensive attitude when discussing its dysfunctionality.
The left-hander, who is a real inside-out player, is expected to provide a good scoring touch, athletic ability at both ends and a strong defensive attitude.
(Table-IV) Only few residents reported increased defensive attitude: 14(11%) reported avoiding similar patients, 40(31%) ordering more test and only 20(16%) reported seeing fewer patients.
Charlie Mitten was manager that 1959-60 season, and his side reflected him -- outlandish attackers in Ivor Allchurch, Len White and George Eastham but a reckless defensive attitude.
I am also happy with the defensive attitude that is what we have focussed on over the last few weeks and that is what we need to keep on building for next week."
Advices of the wrong kind and a defensive attitude have gone against the talented spinner from Chennai, R Ashwin, said former Indian player Maninder Singh.
But we are trying to make up by showing a good defensive attitude because it is our key to winning," he said.
Djokovic's condemnation of the doping official nods towards a more defensive attitude within the sport - a stance that has long seen tennis regarded as something of a soft touch in this respect.
And they have a manager who also has a very defensive attitude.
It is a fact that the current Parliament has a defensive attitude and that everything depends on how much the Government is engaged and how much it supplies the Parliament with items on the daily agenda," Ziberi said, adding that the initiative of MPs as legislators and members of the Parliament lacks in terms of discussing and proposing the laws and modifications.