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Synonyms for defensible

Synonyms for defensible

capable of being defended against armed attack

capable of being justified

Synonyms for defensible

capable of being defended


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(10) See Samantha Tomvald, Using Predictive Discovery Defensibly,
(89.) On the one hand, Third World countries are defensibly
The Roberts Court has largely refused to use [section] 2254(d) as a means of promoting transparent state postconviction process, notwithstanding that one might defensibly interpret the plain language of the provision to provide habeas incentives for writing opinions, using strong reasoning, and facilitating fact development.
Muscular assertions of judicial authority that are unrooted in transparently articulated and defensibly deployed fundamental principles are likely, at the very least, to elicit criticism; but it is easy to envisage far more substantial consequences.
'The company needs a highly configurable LIMS for working in a GLP environment reliably and defensibly. We developed the solution as a thin client application, so it runs inside a browser, which simplifies implementation.'
Finally, information governance appears to have separated itself from failed enterprise content management (ECM) concepts and early, seven-figure ocean boiling IG projects to "defensibly dispose" of digital ROT (and, BTW, simply relabeling ECM as "content services" provides little utility other than the nostalgic value of harkening back to FileNet circa-2006).
Whether and how to manage the risks of climate change is a choice, of course--one that is grounded in a basis in fact and that people can, within the limits of that basis in fact, defensibly hold differing opinions about.
One might even defensibly assert that no such frame is of entirely original content.
predictably and defensibly separating the useful from the expressive,
Less defensibly, some might think that Konoplyov has returned the favor by letting Vozdvizhensky go free at the end.
By taking a random sample of a reasonable amount of documents (approximately 500-2,000 for an average-sized dataset), then reviewing and coding those documents, attorneys can better understand the nuances of the document population, and defensibly determine what should be screened out.
As early as 1961, for example, Professor Wechsler argued that "all the [political question] doctrine can defensibly imply is that the courts are called upon to judge whether the Constitution has committed to another agency of government the autonomous determination of the issue raised, a finding that itself requires an interpretation." Id.
The major disadvantage of this approach is that it over-extends the retention period of records that could otherwise be defensibly disposed of earlier, thus exposing the organization to increased storage costs along with increased liability and costs for legal discovery or Freedom of Information Act requests.
So, on my story, these uses could, defensibly, be called "pictures".
CECL leaves many credit unions speculating how life-of-loan losses can be defensibly predicted using historical and qualitative factors.