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Synonyms for defensible

Synonyms for defensible

capable of being defended against armed attack

capable of being justified

Synonyms for defensible

capable of being defended


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4 million stored documents as simply junk e-mails, with 80% accuracy--a rate that has been accepted as legally defensible in court, according to the panelists.
Alexander says cloud computing helps bring the notion of a single defensible system together by eliminating the hodgepodge of computing "enclaves," as well as eliminate inefficient IT costs.
The book pushes three common ideas, some likely to add to the friction between Washington and Jerusalem: First, Israel, must not withdraw to the 1949 armistice lines; second, Israel needs defensible borders; third, Israel must rely on itself to defend itself and not on foreign forces as proposed by U.
President Barack Obama has done away with two key elements of US-Israeli strategic relations: His administration has given up on stiff UN Security Council sanctions on Iran over its nuclear drive, and gone back on the longstanding American commitment assuring Israel of recognized and defensible borders in any future accommodation with its Arab neighbors.
Dolan said that DiscoverReady uses proprietary processes and tools such as its PrivBank, PrivView and Dynamic Data Analysis services to streamline attorney document reviews and deliver defensible results "at costs that can be as much as 40% lower than traditional services.
The Defensible Barracks were built in the 1840s to house marines charged with defending Pembroke Dock's Royal Dockyard.
Crumbling Oldham Town Hall tops the list, followed by the Defensible Barracks in Pembroke, South Wales.
When it comes to Cabinet, well clearly if it's defensible it may well get approval.
Ralph Allen, Howrey COO, says, "Howrey continues to provide added value to its clients with a defensible and repeatable e-discovery process that at the same time reduces the ever increasing and burdensome cost of ediscovery.
It's amazing how big a difference defensible space can make," said CarrieAnn Capp, a national fire plan forester with the state Department of Forestry.
Penney a few years back, was, of course, talking about Penney's defensible brand positioning as it unveiled its new advertising and marketing slogan, "Every day matters," last week.
However, she believes the new regulations are too broad to be constitutionally defensible.
This line of reasoning suggests, in some contradistinction to Alemberti's thesis, that progress in the field not only involves "perfecting" our application of abundantly defensible pathways, but developing ever-increasing skill at the appropriate integration of linear processes (such as pathways) in a world that can never be reduced to the purely linear.
SUPREME Court ruling against medical marijuana was widely expected, but that makes the decision no more defensible from a legal or moral perspective.