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Synonyms for defensible

Synonyms for defensible

capable of being defended against armed attack

capable of being justified

Synonyms for defensible

capable of being defended


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* Senate Bill 190 (Dodd): Would require the State fire marshal to develop a model defensible space ordinance and informational guides to improve public awareness of the standards.
The aim is to help clients better use technology to access and evaluate their data, enabling them to make more rational and defensible decisions and setting them up for pricing transparency success rather than public relations headaches.
The partnership estimates that the donation could help Eagle County officials better prepare more than 50 homes and properties across 30 acres through defensible space and fuel break treatments.
<B The Defensible Barracks, Pembroke Dock, is up for sale
Defensible space: The concept of cultivating defensible space--also known as firescaping--involves creating a buffer around a structure where combustible vegetation and debris has been cleared or reduced in order to prevent a fire from spreading.
It's defensible if his decision was based on a reasonable suspicion Qualcomm's trailblazing research into 5G wireless technology might be transferred to Chinese tech companies that Broadcom has relationships with.
TAOISEACH Leo Varadkar yesterday admitted the hospital trolley crisis is "not defensible".
"The merger comes at just the right time for us to meet the market's demands for an affordable, scalable and defensible advice solution that can be applied internationally across platforms, channels and borders," he said in a statement.
The former secretary of state for Work and Pensions resigned his post on Friday, branding the latest cuts to disability benefits as "not defensible".
In a parting shot at Chancellor George Osborne, the former party leader said while the cuts were "defensible in narrow terms, given the continuing deficit, they are not defensible in the way they were placed within a Budget that benefits higher-earning taxpayers".
Duncan Smith said he has come to believe that "the latest changes to benefits to the disabled and the context in which they've been made are a compromise too far." While these changes are defensible in narrow terms given the continuing deficit, they are not defensible in the way they were placed within a Budget that benefits higher earning taxpayers, he argued.
People, including the lawyers, will have to admit that there are good arguments for concluding that Grace Poe is a natural-born citizen, and that, if one is objective and nonpartisan, her natural-born citizenship status is legally and strongly defensible. To be sure, rather than trying to disqualify her, we should be able to find better use of our time by thinking what's good for our country and whether she will make a good president, instead of assailing her citizenship by nitpicking on legal arguments.
And from the Syrian side, Assad's and IRGC/QF forces including Hizbullah will have to create a defensible corridor from the province of Latakia to Lebanon's northern border areas, running through parts of Syria's province of Hums where there are pockets of Alawite, Sunni and Christian inhabitants.
MOVING a North council headquarters would result in a "significant" potential loss to one town with no "defensible" business case for the switch.