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capability of being defended

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In its assessment of Revenue Defensibility, Fitch considers the level of local university control over tuition as one factor that could be deemed 'weaker' in this case.
Defensibility means that cost information can help both financial and manufacturing personnel to build and evaluate business cases, explain results, support and explain decisions, and advocate ideas.
For data comparability and defensibility, the ability to repeatedly prepare reference materials identically over long periods is critical.
It certainly is troubling when a company's pricing isn't completely defensible: the lower the defensibility, the greater the fear of price transparency.
This new partnership will bolster the defensibility of its legal teams, enhance its one-click quality control methods and potentially lower client costs.
Jaggs said all companies should establish formal social media policies to meet their organizations' needs, even if it's just to establish defensibility in the event of a liability claim.
"Using eDiscovery Suite, organizations can bring the process in-house, saving time, money and resources, while relying on EnCase software and its years of court validation for strong defensibility to minimize legal risk."
This chain of evidence forms the basis for content validity and legal defensibility of the examination.
The major disadvantages are the time necessary for subculturings (two or more weeks) and an inherent subjectivity that diminishes legal defensibility.
The extent of these modifications will likely determine the defensibility of the taxpayer's position to exclude a vehicle from the luxury automobile limits.
Emphasis on this aspect tended to obscure the fact that the sprawling length and breadth of Japan's airspace is a major factor in the defensibility of the nation, and that the acquisition of the AWACS system brought Japan up to par in the task of being prepared to defend it.
As an example, we have created the following assessment approach used by our team consultants to assess a facility's risk exposure level and defensibility posture.
From a fairness (and legal defensibility) point of view, the random test design is very undesirable.
Accordingly, those who must assess the defensibility of such suits should not assume that violations of policy render the case indefensible.
The 'AA-' rating is supported by Mosaic's strong financial profile in the context of a midrange revenue defensibility and strong operating risk profile assessment, but also reflects a smaller, more rural service area.