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capability of being defended

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Fitch's assessment of 'Weaker' revenue defensibility corresponds to a revenue defensibility assessment of 'bb' under the 'Exposure Draft: U.
Further, not only are medical records critical in the defensibility of a medical malpractice lawsuit, but also in providing quality, thorough, and continuous healthcare to patients.
Beyond streamlining processes, these new approaches enable strong defensibility and provable arguments for why certain documents or custodians were left out of the review, making it very hard for the opposing side to question the final production.
The defensibility of MarxEs idea that a sustainable society is not possible with a free market is evaluated.
Investments in activities designed to prove value like head-to-head drug trials and development of evidencebased medicine protocols are costly but necessary with the outcomes having implications for the defensibility of business models.
I am sure that this army is the basis of the defensibility and security of the country.
Detailed audit trail providing critical process defensibility
Vandenberg's art, in the end, seems to be trying to expose the base nature of human experience: "Expressing cruelty," he said once in an interview, "is building a sort of defensibility against the terror that feeds on me.
This report investigates evaluation mechanisms or "frameworks" used in states such as California, Arizona, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, and reviews potential hybrid approaches that balance considerations such as potential energy savings, resource requirements, cost-effectiveness, and defensibility.
With keen focus on the productivity and defensibility of document review, our clients rely on us to cost-effectively handle matters ranging from internal investigations to large-scale litigation with global e-discovery requirements.
Methods apply to government-authorized programs in the US and other countries (but are also applicable to the private sector) and focus on causal evaluation and improving the defensibility or validity of causal claims about program impact.
Our narrative writing software helps to provide a more complete and detailed report resulting in increased legal defensibility and fewer claims denials.
Clients will benefit from accelerated discovery, enhanced defensibility and reduced spending on document reviews, RVM said.
It certainly is troubling when a company's pricing isn't completely defensible: the lower the defensibility, the greater the fear of price transparency.