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Synonyms for defenselessness

the property of being helpless in the face of attack

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Feelings of vulnerability led to a sense of powerlessness, betrayal, or defenselessness and to a lack of control where they are forced to act in ways inconsistent with core beliefs and values (Korthagen et al.
Certainly more psychologically discomfiting was the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, which hinged on the counterintuitive notion that the United States and the Soviet Union could improve their security by preserving their defenselessness to nuclear attack.
It is this humility and apparent defenselessness that the Gandhians need to imbibe, for their message to touch the hearts of those who do not as yet believe.
The NPF had 38 legislators then and after 22 legislators challenging his leadership, he was sent into a complete defenselessness.
Women's feeling of complete defenselessness is intolerable, also to me personally.
Ray Ordiermo took point on defending defenselessness, cautioning against "over-arming ourselves," using "accidental discharges" as his justification.
In the book's third section (283-432), Mesa Villar explores the role of women as inciters of conflicts, ingrained in a Medieval (and Victorian) paternalistic attitude that rejoices in female defenselessness.
In opposition to Sontag and Dietrich, Darin's character recognizes and identifies with defenselessness and difference.
AL:These poems of yours have a wonderful combination of violence and innocence, apocalypse and defenselessness.
This helplessness matures into defenselessness, where feelings of rage against the paternal father only are quelled in the acting out of the punitive will of God the Father, who now has replaced fully the paternal father.
This could be explained by the state of defenselessness in which the person finds himself if he believes that the voices are powerful and control events and situations that could occur in his immediate surroundings.
Si Levinas afirma: "The face of the other in its precariousness and defenselessness is for me at once the temptation to kill and the call to peace, the 'You shall not kill'" (Citado por Butler 134), al parecer Bosch invierte los terminos para llegar a la misma conclusion: el rostro del narco, con su brutalidad y crueldad aterradoras, es para mi, a la vez, la tentacion de asesinar y la invitacion a la paz, el "No mataras": "ellos tambien son los mal llamados danos colaterales de este tiempo de rutas y de lamentos que se cuentan a miles, cientos de miles" (227).
A feverish poetry jangles through the fearful vintner's thoughts, an impromptu anti-lullaby of fears and fires and cries whose sing-song paranoia safeguards him from the gravest danger of all: the defenselessness of sleep in a burning city.
through the infirm pleasure of an angel thirsting for the barrenness in the hollow, sheer delight is transfigured into a defenselessness of the autumn breeze and 1 took the new roads in the garden of fantasy and that also made no difference Where should I seek my angel?
Some analysts assert that these moves by the EU indicate a shift in the power dynamics of the EU-Russia energy relationship, in that a more unified European position has diminished perceptions of its members' defenselessness and made it clear that Gazprom is expected to operate according to EU regulatory rules.