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"The Americans do not care for the beheading of thousands of people who are killed defenselessly (by the ISIL) and this is a crime which will be recorded in the history of humanity," he added.
Below him under the blows of the February Hawaiian sun the quadrangle gasped defenselessly, like an exhausted fighter.
For two centuries Asians have been bystanders in world history, reacting defenselessly to the surges of Western commerce, thought, and power.
Following this Brenneman turned to the central ethical question: "Can a Christian take up the weapons of death, go forth to war, and destroy the lives of his enemies, and at the same time obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ ...?" (98.) Again and again he offered biblical texts that substantiated the Christian life as one lived defenselessly in meekness and suffering, a life for which Christ is the central example.
"In few composers and still fewer great composers has the unity of the life and the music been more blatantly or more defenselessly obvious" he writes.