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the defendant and his legal advisors collectively

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His bodyguard Sergei Kutukov had never given money to Tekebayev and Chotonov, he confirmed that he was not in Bishkek in July 2010, the defense team claims.
In a courtroom crowded largely with fans supporting the singer the largest such display at any court date since Kelly was arrested in February and charged with sexual abuse of four women Judge Lawrence Flood warned the defense team not to leak the tape to the public.
LEIDSCHENDAM, Netherlands: The defense team for Hassan Merhi argued in its closing arguments Tuesday at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon that the mishandling of the crime scene significantly weakens the prosecution's case.
The Sharjah Civil Defense team has arrived at the fire location and is working on containing the fire.
"Steve is a great appellate lawyer," said O'Sheehan, who presented the award as senior defense counsel for the 1565th Trial Defense Team. "He was willing to help on his own time, including weekends, and provided great advice that helped our soldiers and has, overall, strengthened the military justice system in Florida."
The head of the defense team, Nabeel Adeeb Abdalla, told al-Intibaha daily newspaper on Monday that the constitutional court has officially received the suit, saying they are also waiting for the court's response to their request to release the detainees.
"We start today's trial with flaws - the defense team is not responsible for this situation resulting from decisions by the Attorney General - but I imagine he will justify it and the defense team will raise further questions about this issue." "Merhi's lawyers are present in their capacity as Counselors, however there exists no such thing as a silent lawyer," added Roux, expressing reservation on their presence as counselors.
Colonel Al-Shara' added that the civil defense team provided the necessary First Aid to those injured and rushed them to the King Abdulla-the-Founder's University Hospital.
Sandusky's defense attorney Joe Amendola told reporters on Wednesday that Sandusky wanted to take the stand to defend himself against the 51 sex abuse charges, but that the defense team overruled his wishes.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The defense team of Iraqi Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi presented complaints and evidences to regional and international organizations regarding violations of human rights against detainees.
CAIRO: The defense team representing Ismail Al-Shaer, former head of the Cairo Security Directorate, called on the court Tuesday to summon 18 witnesses, including 11 generals.
Angelica Swartout's defense team believes that the records will show that the 24-year-old hotel clerk was on the Internet or talking on the phone during much of her Oct.
Summary: Conrad Murray's defense team have revealed Michael Jackson was 'dependent on Demerol' in the run up to his death.
Summary: Egypt's justice minister agreed to let five Kuwaiti lawyers join the defense team of ousted President Hosni Mubarak, who is on trial for incitement to kill demonstrators and corruption, state news agency MENA said.
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