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Mohamed Al-Hassan, for his part, expressed pleasure over the honoring and gratitude for the defense system industry workers.
"There are good capacities developed in area of shot, mid and long-range missile and air defense systems, and we have enhanced to an acceptable level in on-site defense," Rear Admiral Khanzadi said in Tehran on Monday.
'Iran has already announced that its own air defense system will allow it to compete with Russian air defense systems, which, in particular, is facilitated by its low cost,' they added.
Elaborating on the new defense systems, Major General Andrei Prikhodko, deputy commander of the air defense and anti-missile defense association, said: "The new modernized anti-missile system of the missile defense system has successfully completed the task and struck a conventional target at the set time."
Moscow's defense ministry, though, said the new defense system is merely a preventative measure. reports the bulk of the loan will be used to purchase the air defense systems, while the remaining money will be used to fund other risk management expenses.
Synopsis: A high percentage of defense systems fail to meet their reliability requirements.
Earlier it was reported that Kazakhstan and Russia plan to create a single regional air defense system as part of the Joint Air Defence System of the CIS members.
Kalyn's rebuttal comes just days after Yylmaz's Thursday statement that the missile defense system will not be integrated with NATO, underlining that the bid assessment had been completed and no new official bid had been received in the tender, which was first awarded to the China Precision Machinery Import-Export Corporation (CPMIEC) in 2013.
Israeli air force considers missile defense system for helicopters The Israeli air force is looking at developing a missile defense system for its helicopters.
During the summit in Prague in 2002, all allied countries agreed on a missile defense system aiming at protecting their territories and peoples.
In an interview for the Bulgaria-US Survey of, Congressman Wilson, a Republican member of the House from South Carolina and founder and chair of the Bulgaria Caucus in the US Congress, said that the strong performance of the Republican Party in the US midterm elections will boost the prospects of the missile defense system in Europe.
PNN -- Jerusalem -- Israel is one step closer in developing and employing a missile defense system along its borders with Gaza and Lebanon.
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