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In examining the coping patterns of American soldiers who fought in Vietnam and concentration camp survivors during the Holocaust, studies concluded that exposure to stressful events "outside the range of human experience"(1) has an adverse effect on a person's mental health, and results in a variety of immediate or delayed symptoms ranging from mild anxiety and insomnia to full blown psychoses and suicide.(2 3 4 5 6 7) Other accounts focused on the remarkable adaptive and reintegrative abilities of civilians during war trauma.(8 9 10 11) A number of psychological processes (defense mechanisms, particularly denial), personality traits and environmental variables (support systems and control over one's environment) were found to influence the nature and outcome of coping.(12 13 14 15)
This information provides the basis for developing new techniques to suppress this universal bacterial defense mechanism and make bacteria more susceptible to antibiotics at lower doses.
SAN ANTONIO -- Analysis of a patient's ego defense mechanisms can provide valuable clues to diagnosis, Dr.
None of the dates in the catalogue suggest this, and true, in the absence of commissions and given the cost of completing large pieces in metal, Smith's apparent indifference to the material realization offered a good defense mechanism (he might also have considered it noble detachment).
The longer the stinger is left in the skin, the more venom from the sac enters the body, worsening the reaction to the sting." Bees generally won't sting unless they are provoked, since their sting actually is a defense mechanism.
It's a great defense mechanism, not wanting what you can't have.
Recently, a warning (defense mechanism used by computer users) turned out to be a not-so-harmless hoax.
Earlier research on coping with cardiac disease, and the impact of myocardial infarction (MI) in particular, focused almost exclusively on the role played by denial (typically viewed as a traditional psychodynamic defense mechanism) in warding off death-related anxiety.
"Do I really mean to imply that a defense mechanism used (if Klein is correct) during the first six months of life can affect the structure of religious belief among adults?
The defense mechanism of the body is constantly attempting to eliminate or compensate for damage done by toxic processes.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers said a natural defense mechanism against heart disease could be switched on by steroids sold as health supplements.
"In some ways I think my radical politics are kind of a sour-grapes defense mechanism. Like, if I can't be part of your club, then you're a bunch of creeps.
Responding is an exaggerated fashion, opposite to the way you actually feel, is the use of "reaction formation" as a defense mechanism.
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