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The idea is widespread, but it is interesting to know how Defense Mechanism functions on life of people.
This information provides the basis for developing new techniques to suppress this universal bacterial defense mechanism and make bacteria more susceptible to antibiotics at lower doses.
Beresford recommends a three-step approach in determining whether a given defense mechanism is primitive, immature, neurotic, or mature.
The Hong Kong government said Thursday its currency defense mechanism is effective and ruled out changing the mechanism to delink the Hong Kong and U.
The defense mechanism of the body is constantly attempting to eliminate or compensate for damage done by toxic processes.
Rather than being a defense mechanism, tenant service should be a well-planned and consistently delivered program that doesn't fluctuate with the ever-changing marketplace.
This defense mechanism can be switched on using chemicals that do not harm the environment and are not toxic to the insects or their natural enemies.
These results indicate that silkworms have skillfully adapted to the defense mechanism of mulberry leaves.
In her book Roughgarden points to many species, including lions, that mate partially as a defense mechanism.
Do I really mean to imply that a defense mechanism used (if Klein is correct) during the first six months of life can affect the structure of religious belief among adults?
Responding is an exaggerated fashion, opposite to the way you actually feel, is the use of "reaction formation" as a defense mechanism.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers said a natural defense mechanism against heart disease could be switched on by steroids sold as health supplements.
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