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the defendant and his legal advisors collectively

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The Mississippi Defense Lawyers Association is a statewide association of attorneys who practice primarily in the defense of civil litigation.
At the occasion KP prosecution team comprising Senior Public Prosecutor Shahab Khattak, Ayaz Khan Advocate and Barrister Amir and defense lawyers Masood Azhar Advocate, Fazal Haq Abbassi, Javed Tanooli and Riaz Yousufzai attended the proceedings.
He is a member of the DUI Defense Lawyers Association, the National College for DUI Defense and is a Governor of the Washington State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.
Earlier, defense lawyers convinced the court to agree to a reexamination of a condom wrapper, from which American forensic experts uncovered what they believed to be Pemberton's fingerprints.
Even if they were criminals you cannot blame defense lawyers for defending them.
The Michael Morton Act, which lawmakers approved this year in the wake of the namesake's case, requires prosecutors to disclose evidence in their files to defense lawyers in criminal cases.
The appeals sessions continued into its second day with the reading of a 400-page argument that was jointly prepared by 60 defense lawyers.
In all 81 Perry Mason novels, Gardner drove deep a portrayal of criminal defense lawyers as ethical, hardworking, and dedicated to the cause of justice.
The defense lawyers welcomed the opportunity to discuss the case preparation concept as a modern and efficient way to speed up court proceedings and save public money.
McKee is a member of the Defense Research Institute and co-chair of the Young Lawyers Committee of the Florida Defense Lawyers Association.
And, to the extent there may be truth in it, that's all the more reason for defense lawyers to join the ISBA and make their voices heard and their votes count.
Defense lawyers tried to mislead the court by saying that my father and I have previous convictions, which is untrue," Zaghloul explained to Daily News Egypt, saying that defense lawyers are attempting to misrepresent Zaghloul and his father as being of bad character.
That appears to be the question Entwistle's defense lawyers are hoping will linger in the minds of jurors as the defense seeks to debunk the alleged motive that Entwistle killed his family because he was in debt and dissatisfied with his sex life.
But when an enterprising journalist, through the Freedom of Information Act, got the clemency memos Bush's then legal counsel Alberto Gonzales actually put before him, they were extremely cursory and routinely rehashed prosecution arguments, leaving out issues of potential innocence raised by defense lawyers.
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