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the lawyer representing the defendant

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A defense lawyer has a duty to give an insurance carrier all the information it reasonably needs to make informed decisions regarding the defense, investigation and settlement of liability claims.
A defense lawyer who has been excluded from settlement issues may nonetheless be confronted with them by a plaintiff's attorney who wants to settle.
Because the prosecutor's statement was not considered sufficient to warrant a hearing, the panel didn't need to consider the defense lawyer's failure to object.
At the start of the hearing, the defense lawyers asked to be granted more time to see all the evidence of the prosecution.
But Vincent Courcelle-Labrousse, the defense lawyer of Hussein Oneissi, another suspect linked to Hezbollah, implied the collection of such vast amounts of phone metadata violated the rights of Lebanese civilians.
The appeals sessions continued into its second day with the reading of a 400-page argument that was jointly prepared by 60 defense lawyers. Compared to the high number of attendees at Monday's session, there were not as many lawyers and spectators on Tuesday.
Gardner's continuous insistence that criminal defense lawyers be characterized in an ethical manner reflected his own deep-seated feelings about the legal profession and particularly criminal defense lawyers.
Fort Myers, FL, August 19, 2010 --( The law firm of Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt, P.A., is pleased to announce that at the recent annual meeting of the Florida Defense Lawyers Association, Fort Myers Litigation Attorney Traci McKee received the James A.
Others were a big firm commercial litigator, an administrative lawyer, a family lawyer, and a civil defense lawyer. Go back 10 or 15 years and the same ratio would apply.
Summary: A Tunisian court has sentenced eight men to up to 12 years in jail on charges of belonging to a terrorist cell, a defense lawyer said on Saturday.
Summary: A trial judge in India dismissed the main defense lawyer for the only surviving suspected gunman, citingC*
A defense lawyer for a notorious Khmer Rouge-era prison jailer charged Wednesday that Nuon Chea, known as Brother No.
"Painting a picture of domestic bliss is a sensible and understandable defense maneuver to indicate the state of mind or lack of motive to commit this horrible crime," said Robert George, a Boston defense lawyer who has followed the case closely.
The 21-month trial preparation period is "about normal" for a case that involves a defendant of Courtney's age in a trial where the prosecution is seeking a death sentence, said Steven Krasik, a Salem criminal defense lawyer who has done at least 18 other death penalty cases in his 28-year career and is the lead attorney for Courtney.
How much of a difference can a good, effective defense lawyer make in a capital case?
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