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a contractor concerned with the development and manufacture of systems of defense

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Three of the four biggest defense contractors with operations at Highland Industrial Park in East Camden are led by women, a stark illustration of how gender dynamics have changed over the past few decades in a male-dominated industry.
The attack on the defense contractor was carried out by a"malicious cyber adversary", it said.
This summer defense contractor CACI is reportedly expected to go to trial over similar allegations.
While the effort by BAE Systems and EADS to create a European behemoth in aerospace and military manufacturing has collapsed amid political divisions involving Britain, France and Germany, a number of business analysts say that BAE's North American holdings, including the Nashua division, are now attractive targets for purchase by other defense contractors.
The dispensing machine will be custom built to meet the assembly line specifications for a leading defense contractor in the United States.
In early July two government research labs and a defense contractor were the targets of attacks against their information systems.
Summary: ABU DHABI - Tawazun Holding has acquired 26 per cent stake in Abu Dhabi based defense contractor International Golden Group.
General Dynamics, the $31.9 billion defense contractor, has appointed Jason Aiken controller and vice president.
Recommendation: To improve DOD's oversight of defense contractor's ethics programs, and to avoid delaying or lessening DOD IG awareness of contract-related problems and diminishing of whistleblower protections for contractor employees, the Inspector General for the Department of Defense, in accordance with the FAR, should determine the need for defense contractors' display of Department of Defense Inspector General's (DOD IG) fraud hotline poster, including directing a contractor to display the DOD IG hotline poster in common work areas for performance of DOD contracts.
While the studies by both the DOD and the GAO primarily focus on profitability of defense contracts, academic studies have investigated the profitability of segments or the whole company for a defense contractor (Weidenbaum, 1968; Bohi, 1973; Lichtenberg, 1992; and McGowan and Vendrzyk, 2002).
One leading European defense contractor already has established itself as a major player in the U.S.
Over time, safeguards have also been established to avoid defense contractor misuse of cost-plus contracts.
MATHIS (Fort Worth Chapter) was named CFO of EFW Inc., a Fort Worth, Texas, defense contractor. EFW is part of Elbit Systems Ltd.
defense contractor Power Paragon, had given his brother several computer disks that contained data on U.S.
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