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the lawyer representing the defendant

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Every day Summit Defense Attorneys are in Bay Area and Sacramento area courtrooms fighting for clients' freedom, insisting on the presumption of innocence, and taking police and prosecutors to task when they violate their clients' rights.
color) James Woods is a high-profile defense attorney who becomes an assistant D.
This exchange appears innocent but could prove damaging during the trial when the defense attorney discounts the law enforcement officer's testimony as opinion, not fact.
The attitude of most Americans toward defense attorneys is not good.
When looking for a reputable and experienced criminal defense attorney in Central Florida, Amir Ladan is the smart choice.
Harry Samit, the Minnesota FBI agent who arrested Zacarias Moussaoui three and a half weeks before the September 11,2001 terror attacks, provided explosive testimony against his superiors during cross-examination by Moussaoui's defense attorneys.
Moreover, the allegation came from a defense attorney with a reputation for supporting left-wing causes.
To discuss a case with a San Francisco Criminal Defense Attorney contact Summit Defense Law Offices for a free and confidential case evaluation.
In the first two episodes, however, writers resort to putting the defendant on the stand, which every defense attorney knows is a terrible idea and serves the melodrama more than reality.
Defense attorney Mark Geragos said he believes the District Attorney's Office will not be able to retry and that he plans to file a motion by Dec.
But defense attorney Mark Geragos argued that the case was about a schoolyard fight between Armenians and Latino kids that unfortunately ended in tragedy.
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