defending team

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(sports) the team that is trying to prevent the other team from scoring

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Instead of a drop-out 22, the defending team will have to drop the ball out from their own goal-line.
Defending team state champion Montini sent five into the finals, including reigning state champs Jake Stiles (45-0) at 152 pounds, and Wisconsin-bound Peter Christensen (195), who is 46-2.
"We really need to control the tempo, we can't play up and down against LPU because they're a good running, penetrating and pressure defending team," said Fernandez.
Quite simply, with man-to-man marking attackers can drag a team's most effective defenders away from danger zones, leaving a defending team vulnerable.
Summary: Sammy, defending team captain, wants to do an encore with Peshawar
Suddenly, when we faced an aggressively defending team in the second half, our offense wasn't moving.
Summit High in Bend is the defending team champion.
The defending team should now be satisfied as to which players are in an offside position and will no longer have to quickly interpret the active/ inactive scenario which has persisted for a number of years.
This creates a maul and can gain the defending team a turnover scrum.
As far as I can see, the defending team has eight or nine players back and the attacking team six or seven players up front with no sign of any particular formations.
Afridi hurt his groin during the recent Asia Cup tournament, in which the defending team lost the finals to Sri Lanka.
Afterwards, during the customary winning coach's interview, coach Bong Ramos also wasted no time defending team management's position during Draft Day.
To acquire the disc, the defending team must grab it from the air mid pass or knock it to the ground causing a turnover.
Head of the defending team Mu'aiad al-Izi told Aswat al-Iraq that the court agreed that the trial should be special for government officials.
If the defending team put players in a wall to obstruct a direct shot, then elsewhere on the pitch attackers will almost always outnumber defenders.