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the property of being helpless in the face of attack

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I would argue that a politics of vulnerability emerges around these texts' exposure of the defencelessness of ordinary citizens, which unseats the state's presumption to provide protection.
Malondialdehyde (MDA), which has large-scale usage as an oxidative stress biomarker, has come into the spotlight due to its ability to react with the lipoproteins.8 A correlation between the MDA levels and the infarct, the severity of the clinical stroke, and the patient outcome has been observed.9,10 An increase in MDA levels may be more important in the brain compared to other tissues due to the brain's defencelessness against the reactive oxygen species, resulting from its high oxygen requirement, high lipid content and relatively low anti-oxidant defence mechanisms.11
Then I will explore three theological developments of the classical tradition for an evolutionary and ecological context: a) The Word as attractor and the Spirit as the energy of love in evolutionary emergence; b) the costs of evolution and the divine passion of love; and c) the defencelessness of the humble God in creation.
The workplace power relations dimensions are worker vulnerability or defencelessness (to workplace authoritarian, abusive, or threatening treatment), and powerlessness to exercise legal rights [15, 28].
In the Baby Jesus we discover the defencelessness of God's love: God comes to us unarmed, because he does not intend to conquer externally, but rather to win us over and transform us internally - to lead us to our true selves.
She had taken advantage of the "trust the children gave her as their mother" and their defencelessness as sleeping children to kill them.
As humans, we share what can be described as a common vulnerability or defencelessness in relation to the volatility of the natural world and our own bodies.
Her defencelessness, her vulnerability and her subaltern standing in the society, like huge hurdles, stand in her way.