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remove the ovaries of (female mammals such as cats)

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(97) Kathryn Ann Farr, Defeminizing and Dehumanizing Female Murderers: Depictions of Lesbians on Death Row, in THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM AND WOMEN: OFFENDERS, PRISONERS, Victims, and Workers 249, 249 (Barbara Raffel Price & Natalie J.
by devoting so much time to defeminizing women, denouncing cosmetics, pretty clothes." (116) An author in Playboy in 1970 similarly derided feminists for their "rejection of distinctly feminine clothing and of the pursuit of beauty." His main example of feminist extremism, pointedly, was the hair-cutting at the 1969 Congress to Unite Women.
(7.) Anne Shteir, "Defeminizing the Science of Botany," in Cultivating Women.
These results support the hypothesis that testosterone promotes development of male behavior by defeminizing as well as by masculinizing neural structures that control sexual behavior.