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remove the ovaries of (female mammals such as cats)

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Sexual differentiation of the brain in cattle and swine appears to involve defeminization more than masculinization.
I think the Bride's defeminization went beyond the exciting and potentially troubling masculinity of the professional female impersonator; I think, in McIntyre's rendering, she was completely sexless.
Defeminization of females, as evidenced by a decreased estrogen:androgen ratio of in vitro steroid hormone synthesis, was also documented.
Indeed, another paper slated to appear in Environmental Health Perspectives finds defeminization and demasculinization of fish in those Nebraska waters.
Disadvantages include defeminization and potential incontinence.
Elder and the rest found O'Connor's aesthetics more masculine, and, since accolades followed the "defeminization" of her work, femaleness became more and more a taint to avoid.
Though its focus is on entertainment, GR is always circling more political issues: the defeminization of Asian action films, for example, or the stereotyping in the West of Asian women.
Though some women automobile workers relied on their wartime seniority to remain in automobile factories, the massive purge of women effectively resulted in the "defeminization" of the automotive shop floor.
It is revealing that West has to go to such lengths of defeminization to establish credibility as a critic of social mores" (90).
* defeminization and masculinization of female fish (Davis & Bortone, 1992), gastropods (Ellis & Pattisina, 1990), and birds (Fry & Toone, 1981); and
The process of dehumanization or "defeminization" is already present in Russia when Philippe remarks on Stephanie's loss of human qualities.
Gilbert speculates that the "sexual objectification and defeminization of Black women" makes them extremely easy targets for the incarceration mania.
Since these were almost always performed and presided over by women (and skills in this area were often passed on from mother to daughter), their loss becomes a part of the story of the increasing defeminization of Christian worship that has taken place during the last century" (p.79).
Some of the effects reported include blocking of the effects of male hormones, resulting in the demasculinization of male offspring; antithyroid effects; alterations in the adrenal gland; decreased sperm count in male offspring; structural abnormalities in the external genitalia of female offspring and delayed puberty in the male; defeminization and masculinization of female fish and birds; decreased hatching success in fish, birds, and turtles; decreased fertility in birds, fish, shellfish, and mammals; and gross birth deformities in birds, fish, and turtles (11-18).