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a person who defecates

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Coe & Carr (1983) reported that within a given species, specifically many bovid species, weight of dry dung pellets may be related to the weight of the individual defecator; thus allowing an age-structure to be created (Putman 1984).
Logistics, also known as the case of the "devious defecator."
The caganer, which literally translates to 'the defecator,' is a figure that pretty much does what is named after.
In 2015, in a case the district judge dubbed the "mystery of the devious defecator," a federal jury awarded over two million dollars in a genetic discrimination case as compensation for the claimed invasiveness of submitting to the cheek swabs demanded by an employer seeking to conduct DNA tests on fecal matter left at a warehouse to try to identify the person responsible.
Neither employee was found to be the "devious defecator"--as the judge dubbed the perpetrator--and both men kept their jobs.