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Synonyms for defecation

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The mean defecation interval was 1.95 [+ or -] 1.20 days, and the mean stool consistency score was 1.82 [+ or -] 1.20.
A senior NDMC official told M AIL T ODAY , " While we do not suffer a chronic open- defecation problem, the railway line is an irritant.
Defecation is stimulated by meals and follows a regular circadian rhythm, with almost no bowel activity at night.
The Cambodia Rural Sanitation and Hygiene Improvement Program (CRSHIP) has involved 2,008 villages, but so far only 634 have declared themselves defecation free and been recognised as such by the Rural Development Ministry, which is working together with Plan and local authorities, he said.
Patients with obstructed defecation commonly describe a feeling of incomplete evacuation, as though they were "sitting on a ball." Most patients report a long history of constipation.
The provincial government promised to eradicate open defecation by 2025.
Okafor-Terver said the call became necessary in order to achieve and sustain Local Government Area (LGA)-wide or state-wide are Open Defecation Free (ODF) in Kano.
The department also called on all local governments to intensify the implementation of the Zero Open Defecation program and to strengthen the call for environmental sanitation and personal hygiene, such as frequent hand washing.
The ODF league table was unveiled on the theme: 'Achieving district-wide Open Defecation Free (ODF), the role of MMDA leadership'.
ISLAMABAD -- United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) chief of WASH, Thewodros Mulugeta Gebre said it has sensitized around 1.98 million people across the country on open defecation hazards out of the total set target of 10 under the five years country programme (2018-2020).
We compared GRT in relation to sex and age classes of bears, feeding time (midday/midnight), activity, diet (berry/carcass), weights of experimental food and supplemental food, cumulative weight of faeces and defecation rate.
NEW YORK (CyHAN)- In a bid to make sanitation for all a global development priority, the United Nations (un) General Assembly today (24 July) designated 19 November as World Toilet Day, urging changes in both behavior and policy on issues ranging from enhancing water management to ending open-air defecation.
ABSTRACT: An accurate measure of defecation rate is essential for application of pellet group counts in moose (Alces alces) population estimates.