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Synonyms for defeatist

Synonyms for defeatist

someone who is resigned to defeat without offering positive suggestions


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And if this defeatist mentality is allowed to take root, the only variable between now and 2022 will be the change in calendars.
But, as I told @bbcmerseyside, they should not be defeatist.
He said conscious people of Pakistan had rejected the defeatist elements at every level.
He said that conscious people of Pakistan have rejected these defeatist elements at every level.
The colour of the bus comes from the One Nation colour scheme - see Ed's speech at last conference - and it would have been patronising and defeatist to avoid it because it has been stolen by the toy industry as a badge of girlhood.
Pele said: "That's not being defeatist - that's being realistic.
The lid advertised "Scurf Pomade for the Hair", which sounds a bit self defeatist.
ROY KEANE wants to put an end to the defeatist attitude in the Ireland dressing room.
We're doing our best THE criticism of efforts by the Post Office telephone service to stimulate business is ill-founded and demonstrative of a defeatist attitude.
Ljupco Zikov comments for Nova Makedonija that the politics of the EU towards Macedonia defeatist and without a concept
Are figures really so important or should we adopt the defeatist policy that advises us to believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see?
The paper writes that Tsarukyan's defeatist disposition continues, as he does not want to meet with the party's core group to
I WAS reading Nathan Blake's views in the Echo ("Blake warning", June 19) and was totally amazed at his defeatist attitude about Cardiff City's hopes of promotion to the "Promised Land" of the Premiership next season.
Milton, Middleham Funding the problem Cutting fixtures, as Graham Smith suggests, to fit funding is a dangerous, defeatist philosophy that could ultimately see racing simply fade away.
He slammed the defeatist mentality of some Palestinians by saying, "It is this defeatist thinking that made us think we are unable to do anything positive.