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Synonyms for defeatist

Synonyms for defeatist

someone who is resigned to defeat without offering positive suggestions


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Mohamed Nazzal, a member of Hamas political bureau, strongly denounced the suspending, describing it as defeatist and immoral.
Kathmandu, May 10 -- Caretaker Prime Minister and Chairman of the UCPN (Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal said on Saturday that his resignation was a "missile" targeted at national defeatists and meddlesome foreign forces.
I cant argue strongly enough against these defeatist attitudes which feed into the Taliban and Al-Qaeda propaganda that questions NATO and the United States staying power, Jawad said.
By confronting your fears head on, you will be able to push beyond defeatist behavior to achieve your objectives.
25 article, continued, "When the administration adopts a defeatist attitude on an issue that is at the top of our agenda, it becomes impossible for us to unite our movement on an issue such as Social Security privatization where there are already deep misgivings.
Given the depressing, defeatist history of Britain's railways over the last half-century and more, it is a most cheering sight to see the new Channel Tunnel rail link leap across the Medway, but the structure that carries it is scarcely distinguishable from, and no more inspiring than, the adjacent bridge that carries the M2.
This was undermined by the Admiralty's defeatist tone: had the Sea Lords had one of Mr Blair's spin-doctors, Jutland would have been called a victory whereas it really was a 'qualified British success'.
For a Christian I don't believe there is ever a justification for becoming discouraged or taking on a defeatist attitude.
London's tale, participating in a tradition of racist stereotypes of Pacific islanders, depicts resistance to the insurgent Provisional Government as defeatist and hopeless.
This is positive but not Panglossian, critical but never defeatist thinking.
I feel that is a defeatist attitude and will continue to search for work that makes me feel good about myself.
For progressives to get in a defeatist mindset after this election was won on the votes is simply wrong.
To exhume and display the trappings of a more radically engaged era, however imaginatively, is not the same as recapturing, much less rekindling, its spirit, and the general atmosphere of "Protest & Survive" was resolutely downbeat, if not exactly defeatist.
Addressing the first question a group in Falkirk wrote: `We drink too much alcohol, are both defeatist and creative.
I don't want to sound defeatist," Walden says, "but you have to ask yourself, Are you going there to observe or to press home your point to people who might not appreciate it?