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acceptance of the inevitability of defeat

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Mr Johnson condemned what he said was the "defeatism and negativity" in government about the prospect of Brexit, saying his message was that "we have to get ready, we have to prepare and we have to believe in ourselves".
We will never submit, will never lower our gaze, and will never react to anti-Semitism with defeatism and we expect and demand our allies act in the same way.
"My thought was: no matter how difficult the situation, there is no room for defeatism. We, as a nation, have to make every effort to confront the challenges we face," Tsai said.
Defeatism comes from worrying about being homeless, owing to oppressive taxes.
The author doesn't want to spread defeatism but warns that SDSM has a very difficult responsibility to tackle.
The defeatism of it, the 'what can you do, men will be men?' attitude, is only one of them" - Writer Libby Purves' response to Jeremy Corbyn who says his mind is open to the idea of women-only rail carriages.
Former Education Secretary Michael Gove sparked fury two years ago when he said there was a "real problem" in East Durham, claiming he could "smell the sense of defeatism."
War is about attrition, about killing your enemies - it's not about defeatism or believing your enemy becomes invincible because he has lost the will to live.
Bush and Democratic rival John Kerry traded biting accusations over the war in Iraq, with Bush saying his Democratic challenger stood for "protest and defeatism'' while Kerry accused the president of "arrogant boasting.''
The seeds of evil that they propagate are evolving into defeatism and incitement.
It is out of a sense of defeatism and frustration that he might have said it.
It's hard not to be affected by the rampant defeatism prevalent in the non-Islamist population these days.
By this scheme the ruling parties will bring back the looted assets to manipulate the upcoming general elections, as amnesty schemes reflect defeatism and do not curb tax evasion, but on the contrary, encourage it.
To produce--to produce relentlessly--means resisting cynicism and defeatism, to be free from focusing on the reception of the work, to not communicate "about" the work nor to disseminate information around it.
"Itallcameasapleasantshock to be honest, because I was expecting the usual industry apathy and defeatism. After 29 years,theStarobviously m eans moretofolkthanIhadimagined.