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capable of being annulled or voided or terminated


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The common law, for example, has generally been defeasible by statute; indeed, it was generally received into American law under the express condition that this would be so.
In constitutional law, we describe this process of making judgments about defeasible rights as one of balancing private rights against public concerns.
It is likely that academic interpretation as the construction of meanings that are always subjective, perspectival, and defeasible may never be understood in terms of the validation procedures of scientific research.
These schemes, providing the structure of the most common and prototypical patterns of defeasible reasoning, translate into a dialectical procedure (the critical questions) for the assessment of the defeasibility conditions of an argument.
7 billion in balance fit the average defeasible criteria.
If the desire that P just is the experience of P's seeming good to me, then it can serve as a reason, albeit in some sense defeasible or overridable, for thinking that P is good (2005: 56).
As Macklin notes, there has been a shift "from the formalism of 'preliminary or collateral questions,' to multifactor balancing, to a defeasible rule (or maybe not).
the categorical-exception approach as a preference defeasible "[i]n
Bootstrapping, Defeasible Reasoning, and A Priori Justification", en: Philosophical Perspectives, XXIV (2010): pp.
These requirements are prima facie (or, more accurately, pro tanto) obligations, which are taken to be defeasible or open to being overridden by conflicting obligations.
Even if this condition were simply a strong but defeasible presumption, there might well be further reason to oppose the creation of an entity with the power and authority to engage in this sort of redistribution.
It is enough that they have reasons to doubt the argument's soundness; defeasible reasons, one presumes, but reasons nonetheless.
90) as being more or less equivalent to Walton's notion of identifying and evaluating an argumentation scheme in a text of discourse (Walton, 1996; 2006; 2008), and treat Brandom's "institutional" pattern of practical inference as a defeasible and presumptive argumentation scheme with critical questions associated with it.
2002) Java Inference Engine, Networked MASST--Multi-Agent System for Interactor (JINNI), Defeasible Stock Trading Logic Programming (DeLP) Samaras, Matsatsinis (2004) -- INTELLIGENT INVESTOR--An Intelligent Decision Support System for Portfolio Management Kim, Won (2004) Sistema sukurta remiantis UNIK-PRP--Unified Knowledge-based UNIK-FWD ir UNIK-OPT sistemomis, portfolio decision-making system naudojant Visual C++ 4.