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capable of being annulled or voided or terminated


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Oddie's explanation of the oddness is that normally by asserting "P" we also conversationally imply that we have evidence for P, and the fact that P seems true is often a form of defeasible evidence for P (ibid.
The prime difference between a power to rescind the conveyance at law on these grounds and a power to revest legal title in Lipkin Gorman-type (ignorance) cases is that, in the case of rescission, a power is defeasible by a bona fide purchase defence; Phillips v Phillips, (1861) 4 De GF & J 208, 45 ER 1152.
Even if this condition were simply a strong but defeasible presumption, there might well be further reason to oppose the creation of an entity with the power and authority to engage in this sort of redistribution.
1545, 1564 (1982) (discussing the distinctive nature of wholly defeasible expectancies).
However, even at this final stage, explanations remain defeasible, meaning that they are subject to further modification or disproval, should further studies produce a better explanation (Dew 2007; Locke et al.
By contrast, the common law emphasizes the estate system and its many methods of carving up property, from life estates to defeasible fees and various future interests.
90) as being more or less equivalent to Walton's notion of identifying and evaluating an argumentation scheme in a text of discourse (Walton, 1996; 2006; 2008), and treat Brandom's "institutional" pattern of practical inference as a defeasible and presumptive argumentation scheme with critical questions associated with it.
2002) Java Inference Engine, Networked MASST--Multi-Agent System for Interactor (JINNI), Defeasible Stock Trading Logic Programming (DeLP) Samaras, Matsatsinis (2004) -- INTELLIGENT INVESTOR--An Intelligent Decision Support System for Portfolio Management Kim, Won (2004) Sistema sukurta remiantis UNIK-PRP--Unified Knowledge-based UNIK-FWD ir UNIK-OPT sistemomis, portfolio decision-making system naudojant Visual C++ 4.
First, we should record that this norm is defeasible.
273) Separately, the CPLR makes execution liens defeasible until the sheriff actually levies.
There is a stronger argument for asserting that Queensland law does recognize a "voluntariness" requirement, as laid down in the first limb of section 23 which, although still defeasible, will be held to apply in the absence of very clear indications to the contrary: eg Hunt v Maloney [1959] Qd R 164.
EMERALD currently implements a number of Reasoner agents that offer reasoning services in two main formalisms: deductive and defeasible reasoning.
Prakken H (1997) Logical Tools for Modelling Legal Argument: A Study of Defeasible Reasoning in Law.
602 (1883) (finding a revocable, or defeasible, gift ineffective to shift title to the donee).
Since the agent's goal is merely an implicature, this reading is defeasible or cancelable by a disclaiming phrase as in I washed the shirt but it carne out dirty (Talmy 2000: 265).