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capable of being annulled or voided or terminated


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Evade Responsibility When a denial strategy is unavailable, this option may be used to: (a) claim a response to provocation, (b) plead a lack of adequate information (defeasibility), (c) claim the act was accidental and beyond control, or (d) claim that the act resulted from a good intention.
Conquanto nao exista traducao correspondente na lingua portuguesa para a palavra defeasibility, convencionou-se utilizar o termo correspondente derrotabilidade.
(2) See, eg, Jordi Ferrer Beltran and Giovanni Battista Ratti (eds), The Logic of Legal Requirements: Essays on Defeasibility (Oxford, 2012); Luis Duarte d'Almeida, Allowing for Exceptions: A Theory of Defences and Defeasibility in Law (Oxford, 2015).
The weights of reasons, then, are a function of the defeasibility of the sound reasoning in which they figure.
My own view is that the Constraint Principle is subject to limited defeasibility conditions triggered by extraordinary circumstances, but their elaboration is well beyond the scope of this Article.
Rejecting this, Murphy might instead maintain that such appearances are best explained by the defeasibility of moral laws.
In addition to good intention, provocation, defeasibility, and accident are three other tactics that are used to evade responsibility.
On the one hand, it is possible to investigate the structure and the defeasibility conditions of the reasoning leading from the predication of a word to a reason to act.
En la literatura filosofica, la posibilidad de que inferencias previas sean modificadas en virtud de la introduccion de nueva informacion se denomina comunmente "revocabilidad" (defeasibility) o no monotonicidad.
Defeasibility in philosophy; knowledge, agency, responsibility, and the law.
(47) Supra note 44 at para 97 where Chief Justice Mason, and Justices Brennan, Deane, Toohey, Gaudron, and McHugh noted that the removal of the general defeasibility of native title by the NTA for the purposes of s 51(26) of the Constitution is sufficient to demonstrate that the Parliament could properly have deemed that Act to be "necessary."
But because, as Stephen Levinson is quite correct in pointing out, "constancy under negation is not in fact a rich enough definition to pick out a coherent, homogenous set of inferences," the tests for presuppositional defeasibility (the notion that presuppositions are liable to evaporate in certain contexts) and the projection problem of presuppositions (i.e.
Robert Audi's essay, 'Skepticism about A Priori Justification: Self-Evidence, Defeasibility, and Cogito Propositions', is another attempt to confront directly the skeptical challenge.
(338) On the face of things, fair use seems to introduce an additional layer of defeasibility into the copyright entitlement--along the lines of the common law's traditional rules on pleadings and presumptions.