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ENPNewswire-July 31, 2019--KBRA Releases Research - As Freddie Mac K-Series Defeasance Accelerates, Supplemental Debt Slows
The pickup in defeasance volume is not surprising, as the U.S.
"In doing so, many have turned to defeasance while others have chosen to avail themselves of the agency's supplemental debt program," KBRA's Freddie Mac K-Series Borrowers Move On, or Top Off report said.
Commercial Defeasance, LLC recently facilitated a $6.3 million defeasance transaction for Balestra Capital Ltd., a hedge fund company based in New York.
CMBS: Property Market Performance Drives Delinquencies and Defeasance, found that when commercial real estate values increased, the collective delinquencies on the underlying loans decreased by both value and number.
Commercial Defeasance, LLC recently launched a new website at
Before engaging any defeasance consultant, ask how many "defeasances" they have closed, request references, obtain a written cost estimate, and always get a written engagement letter.
The defeasances enabled HVM Management Company, Inc.
Howard Levine, president/CEO of ARCS Commercial Mortgage, announced the creation of a strategic relationship between ARCS and Commercial Defeasance, LLC, America's leading facilitator of commercial real estate defeasances.
Commercial Defeasance, LLC recently facilitated a $21,800,000 multi-property defeasance transaction for HVM Management Company, Inc.
Commercial Defeasance, LLC recently structured and closed a $13,300,000 defeasance transaction on behalf of an affiliate of New Jersey based SJS Realty Management, Inc.