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an option that is selected automatically unless an alternative is specified


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"We need to bring forward legislation that strikes out no-deal as the default option"
So, they call to re-establish the old 10 states as the default option.
The bill would also grant a perpetual term as the default option for corporations, the statement read.
When ordering items from Amazon, on the "I need it" Facebook page, it is important to choose the "Free Shipping" option, which is not the default option.
A Baltimore law took effect Wednesday requiring restaurants to include non-sugary drinks as the default option in kids' meals.<br />Baltimoreis now the largest American city and the first on the East Coast to implement such a measure, which isaimed at improving city children's health.<br />Advocates of the law believe it will help improve health outcomes in a city where a third of school-aged children are obese and a quarter drink at least one soda a day.
Auto-enrolment makes pension saving the "do nothing" default option. Eligible workers have to actively opt out if they do not want to take part.
Implementing a default option for a lower quantity of tablets in the electronic medical records (EMR) discharge orders may help combat the issue by "nudging" physicians to prescribe smaller quantities consistent with prescribing guidelines Penn Medicine researchers show in a new study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.
She says, "Open source will become a default option. Whichever web CMS platform you choose, implementation and running costs dwarf license fees.
Twitter announced in a blogpost that it now supports third-party apps like Authy and Google Authenticator for the login verification feature (two-factor authentication) instead of SMS, which is set as the default option.
Psychologists and economists have documented the existence of a powerful decision-making "default effect." When presented with a default option, consumers are significantly more likely to passively accept it than they would be to actively select it.
The AMG solver requires only a single mesh level and is now the default option for many fluid flow and transport phenomena interfaces.
Not only that, but most employees still select a DB pension plan even when the retirement plan default option favors a DC plan.
Raikes "But in Britain, our Whitehallknows-best attitude leads to the capital being the government's default option for more funding.
But investing in the default option may not be the best choice for you.
Walsh: What we've seen in respect to off-the-shelf target-date funds is that inertia takes over: People tend to stay invested in the default option. For 70 to 80 percent of employees, the default is typically fully liquid and portable to another retirement or IRA.