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an option that is selected automatically unless an alternative is specified


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Chater suggests that people may also stay in a pension due to "fear of regret and blame": if we stick with the default option and it doesn't work out well, we can blame the Government.
This case study and others were used to create five tips to make it easier for your members to pick products: trim your product line, provide more information on the products that make the cut, bundle products, provide a default option, and, finally, emphasize the value in the options you present.
I don't think it would be a marketing issue if it were the default option," she says.
Viewing these findings as a whole, they support the notion that the benefits of slacker borrowing constraints outweigh the costs of having no default option.
That may be the default option, but there are others.
He said: "Renting was once the default option for people who were saving to own their own homes.
It is likely that the vast majority of individuals being automatically enrolled will end up in the default option and will not be engaged in financial decisions.
Abid Shakeel, Islamic Financial Services, Ernst & Young who spoke on 'Takaful - the default option for Muslim countries' at the summit said: "Legislation in the Islamic countries to make takaful products the preferred choice among insurance products can place the industry on a completely different level.
Tis paper argues strongly that the negotiating parties should reject ethnicity as the basis for determining membership of the new polities and instead adopt the non-discriminatory norms established by international human rights law, providing for citizenship to be granted on the basis of any appropriate connection to the territory, respecting the rights of individuals to opt for the nationality they prefer, and with the default option based on habitual residence.
McDonald's and Burger King offer healthier options such as apple slices, but those options must generally be requested by parents rather than offered as a default option.
Moreover, capital and related costs are allocated across lines in proportion to each line's share of a digital default option on the insurer.
If a subscriber doesn't go for the active option, we have a default option.
First, most decision makers tend to passively select the default option, the option that is automatically selected if we do nothing.
But if the industry is going to attract and retain the most talented people, it has to do a much better job in projecting itself as a 'top box' career choice, rather than a default option.
Various options exist for agencies to increase electronic distribution of federal benefits, including (1) mandating that recipients receive benefits electronically, (2) making electronic payment the default option upon enrollment, (3) promoting electronic payments through public outreach, (4) piloting electronic distribution programs, and (5) using electronic payment cards in new ways.