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an option that is selected automatically unless an alternative is specified


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Mr Field continued: "Making guidance the default option combined with the ban on cold calling would be a simple but big step forward in consumer protection in the era of pension freedoms.
In most countries, transport made really about what's "our leads to the option for more "Devolving funding In Britain, our Whitehall-knows-best attitude leads to the capital being the government's default option for funding.
Walsh: The Department of Labor never meant for the original PPA legislation to be black-and-white: to "stop at the water's edge" by only allowing for fully liquid annuities as a default option.
By constructing a robust default option, such as a target date fund that adjusts in line with investment goals, sponsors can help participants manage risk exposures.
As per Gartner, cloud will increasingly be the default option for software deployment and custom software.
Cheques plea to rail chiefs CONSUMER groups have urged all rail operators to follow Virgin Trains' decision to offer compensation in the form of a cheque as the default option, rather than travel vouchers.
The increase can be credited to their adoption as the most common default option, the investment selection and an auto-pilot mentality in participants, post-enrollment.
GOOGLE paid fellow technology firm Apple $1bn (PS700m) in 2014 to keep its search bar as the default option on the iPhone and iPad, it has been claimed.
This is a worrying indication that they may be taking the default option and have not sought advice on how to receive an income in retirement.
Their default option of air strikes and limited assistance to indigenous forces has failed thus far.
A US court has ruled that search leviathan Google was not harming consumers by forcing smartphone vendors that use its Android OS to make Google services the default option on their handsets, Reuters reported.
The customer's Etisalat account will be automatically set as the default option for all future purchases of applications and games.
Currently, lifecycle strategies are the default option for most, and they are nearly always geared towards members targeting annuitisation at retirement.
The report said that Stamos' appointment is crucial for Yahoo as it battles privacy issues following the NSA revelations and aims to make secure searching the default option for its home page.
It follows claims, attributed to a senior coalition source in Friday's Herald newspaper in Scotland, that impossible demands in any post-referendum negotiations would not be met and that the "status quo" would be the default option.