default judgment

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a judgment entered in favor of the plaintiff when the defendant defaults (fails to appear in court)

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Khloe will reportedly not deal with his uncooperative estranged husband anymore, and instead she will file a default judgment on the divorce case if Lamar is still not willing to meet up to settle the divorce.
Once the default judgment was obtained, the complaint alleges that Chase aggressively pursued post-judgment remedies such as garnishing wages, levying bank accounts and assessing post-judgment interest.
A litigant in a separate lawsuit also obtained a default judgment against The Ugly Monkey and subsequently initiated attempts to seize nightclub assets.
216) Under CPLR section 3215, if a defendant fails to appear or defaults in some other manner, (217) the plaintiff may apply for a default judgment.
According to a report by The Hindu newspaper, the Congress Party has opposed a default judgment being sought by a Sikh rights group against it for its failure to defend charges for conspiring and organising the 1984 riots.
When the district court entered a default judgment in 2005, Funai sought to collect from the successors.
The trial court granted a default judgment against BFPE, and following a damages hearing, the master-in-equity awarded damages to Sundown.
The Warnes have applied to have the default judgment set aside.
17 catch-up date, saying he will enter a default judgment against Jackson if he doesn't show up.
Respondent Tenant moved to vacate petitioner's default judgment for eviction and unpaid rent and to dismiss the underlying action on the ground that the rent demand was not properly made and should not have come from petitioner's attorney.
Per the default judgment, issues of liability were not litigated.
Valley View Bank of Overland Park, Kansas, a default judgment of $1 million;
9 million in owed wages and penalties after Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet filed a civil suit seeking a default judgment.
A Los Angeles Superior Court judge entered a default judgment against her this week.
Stan Kuhn, a correctional sergeant, won the default judgment in his lawsuit against inmate Luis Gonzales, though it's unlikely that Kuhn will collect the entire amount.