default judgment

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a judgment entered in favor of the plaintiff when the defendant defaults (fails to appear in court)

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Abdallah went on to say that Steve Greenberg -- Kelly's criminal defense attorney who has no role in civil litigation -- was the one who "informed the Defendant of the default judgment" after several news outlets reported the ruling.
" Appellant failed to appear and a default judgment was entered against him by a judge of the
Plaintiff also presented evidence that she had sent information regarding the pending default judgment to the same Autumn Run Drive address.
After Essa learned that a default judgment had been entered in Pennsylvania, he filed a complaint in Wake County District Court contending that he was never notified of the lawsuit, and so the judgment wasn't entitled to full faith and credit in North Carolina.
"A default judgment may be entered without a hearing under Fed.
'According to this default judgment, the Equanimity is now the property of the Malaysian government.
The attorney for former Rochester RazorSharks coach Chris Iversen has filed court papers seeking a default judgment in a lawsuit over unpaid back wages.
It said chief Judge Beryl Howell entered a default judgment against Iran and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which did not defend against claims over their alleged roles in the attack, which sheared off the front of the Khobar Towers complex.
Back in May, Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza awarded a default judgment against Casada and his firm in a case filed by their former client, Imperial Premium Finance Corp.
A split appeals court set aside a $100,000 default judgment against a woman after her lawyer was tripped up by the subtle differences between circuit court and associate circuit court.<br />In 2014, Samantha J.
A civil defendant facing a $500,000 default judgment who did not respond to the case despite multiple attempts to reach her for nearly six years may still be able to get the judgment vacated if she can prove she did not waive personal jurisdiction, the Court of Special Appeals has held.
After the targeted site owners failed to respond, ABS-CBN requested a default judgment with damages for trademark and copyright infringement.
In 2008, Vera obtained a default judgment against Cuba in Florida State Court by relying on the "terrorism exception" to sovereign immunity, 28 U.S.C.