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He said FATA Olympic Association is a key unit of the Pakistan Olympic Association so how can one declare it as defang or ineffectual body.
He further said the suspicion in Pakistan is that the United States wants to defang Pakistan's nuclear program, that the United States cannot accept a Muslim country having a strong military, and that America wants Pakistan to be subservient to India, just as it wants the Arabs to be subservient to Israel.
The combine led by the PPP is seeking to assert Parliament's supremacy to overcome challenges to its longevity-by the Army and the top Judiciary-over allegations that civilian rulers sought to upstage and defang the security establishment in cahoots with the US after the Abbottabad raid.
an's efforts to defang the military presage a creeping Islamization of society under the auspices of his moderately Islamist Justice and Development Party.
bolstering of gulf state defenses, can defang Iran over time.
Until then, I had never placed much stock in reviews and now I found myself unable to defang one of them.
The Iraqi National Dialogue, one of two Sunni political blocs whose blessing for the pact is seen as key to achieving a broad consensus, said it had demanded reforms that would defang efforts to find and try members of Saddam's former Baath party.
Even as Big Business cringes under the spotlight for its myriad abuses, the Chamber of Commerce and allies are aiming to defang the most effective enforcement tools of the day.
They are trying to defang PAS by addressing abortion's extraordinarily negative aftershocks in a semi-serious but ultimately dismissive, even trivializing manner.
It would have been difficult to conceive that a party leader based in Calgary could defang the Bloc Quebecois in a way that old Quebec warhorses like Jean Chretien and Paul Martin could not.
It sounds to me like a savvy local official who wants to escape accountability, signing onto this national movement to defang this law," says Robert Maranto, assistant professor of political science and public administration at Villanova University in suburban Philadelphia.
e-mailed "close supporters" with the message, "We must defang the trial lawyers.
These forces were threatening the domestics to the point where both sides knew some progress simply had to be made and that served to defang the militancy and bullheadedness that have characterized negotiations heretofore.
On one side, they've been pushed to defang the FDA: In 1994, after complaining about the spiraling costs involved in getting a drug approved by the agency, pharmaceutical companies convinced Congress to pass legislation forcing the FDA to approve drugs more quickly.