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one who attacks the reputation of another by slander or libel

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In Herbert, the court held that a defamer's post-publication conduct may be relevant to establishing malice at the time of publication.
The other approach, which began to take hold in 1983, also allows someone claiming defamation to take their alleged defamer to court, but puts the burden of proof on the accuser.
options to identify an anonymous defamer: (1) instituting a lawsuit
However, Gawker Media's Defamer blog followed the news by linking to the leaked script last week, the Verge reported.he Hollywood Reporter obtained the full complaint, wherein Tarantino has asid that the Gawker Media has made a business of predatory journalism, violating people's rights to make a buck.
the defamer acted with "actual malice." (78) To prove actual
(319) Even if Best Burgers Ever has the means and wherewithal to pursue lengthy litigation, the damages they would receive would likely be limited by the fact that the defamer @SocialButterfly3, who claims to be a broke college student, is likely judgment proof.
(60) The petition itself "bristled with the pernicious outpourings" of Freud, Langston Hughes, and Bertrand Russell, and drew special attention to the "utterly inexcusable" presentation by Langston Hughes, again the "negro communist and defamer of the South." (61) About Hughes, Tatum insisted that the state of North Carolina had to make a clear choice as it could not serve "both Christ and Lenin." (62) As might be expected, the Tatum petition generated significant heat.
(135) The Court of Appeals held that awarding punitive damages would be important in order to prevent defamers from benefitting from "unassailable reputation[s] and so escap[ing] punishment" when compensatory damages are inappropriate "simply because of the excellent reputation of the defamed." (136) Thus, the defamer would benefit from the plaintiffs unassailable reputation and escape punishment.
To further prove the point, consider a situation where the alleged defamer also discloses that the record was expunged.
In his review of Batoula, Hemingway acknowledges "the swirl of condemnation, indignation and praise" surrounding the book and recounts an episode in the Chamber of Deputies where Maran was "bitterly attacked" as "a defamer of France" and disparaged as a "biter of the hand that fed him" ("Black Novel" 112).
pointed out, "[I]t remains true that an effective way to establish that somebody could 'honestly express the opinion on the proved facts' is to call the defamer (if available) to establish that he or she did indeed express an honest belief." See ibid.
A quick glance at the most popular gossip sites (,,, reveals mostly photographs of stars shopping on Robertson Boulevard, drinking Starbucks, or even pumping gas--not exclusive shots from premieres or other glamorous events, nor even scandalous shots taken with telephoto of secluded vacation spots or trysts.