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appropriate (as property entrusted to one's care) fraudulently to one's own use

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Solomon has represented title insurance underwriters in coverage matters, claims, defalcations, and class actions nationwide.
In 1939, Statement on Auditing Procedure 1, Extensions of Auditing Procedure, stated that examinations related to the issuance of an opinion "is not designed and cannot be relied upon to disclose defalcations." Clearly, less focus was being placed on the detection of fraudulent practices.
"Real estate lawyer defalcations are a serious problem in Florida.
D'autre part, souligne-t-il, qu'on ne saurait renier que le gouvernement actuel s'est engage avec determination et courage, dans la lutte sans merci contre la depravation et l'economie de la rente (revelation des detenteurs des agrements de transport, des licences des carrieres...), les defalcations des salaires inherents aux grevistes de la justice, la sante, les collectivites locales, l'education nationale...
"I have heard of one company offering insurance at the closing table, to cover defalcations that would typically be the province of insured closing letters.
However, an argument can be made under the doctrine of good faith and fair dealing that the notice also may have given the surety an opportunity to obtain recoupment or indemnity from its principal in a situation in which the principal's financial condition would (in most cases) be significantly better than after the successive additional defalcations have occurred.
On the Day of Judgment, one will be facing accountability for frauds, financial defalcations, and all other actions, which fall within the purview of corruption.
The Commonwealth Games were a scandal with defalcations running into millions of dollars.
As such, while they may be large in size, many practical business controls may not be in place to prevent or detect common defalcations.
This was important because defalcations, breaches of trust, irregularities, and swindling schemes were common occurrences during that time.
Prior's detailed chronicle of the defalcations of the British War Council should also resonate with judge advocates struggling to provide legal counsel that may be perceived as the laying of legal minefields in the paths of operational commanders.
It covers a multitude of sins and crimes, including such things as defalcations, bribes, embezzlements and such.
WHILE our attention is presently focussed on the scandal of MPs' financial defalcations, let us not forget their other sins.
"Recently, title insurance companies reportedly experienced increases in the number and severity of agent defalcations. Inevitably, this leads to increased costs passed on to the consumer.